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Miracle cure for asthma? or is it a hoax?

Was sitting in collage, looking for some home remedies for a very hard dry cough and i typed it in to google and this popped up.

its apparently a natural way to cure asthma without using drugs. I was thinking to myself, is that actually possible? i was wondering if anyone else had come accross this before and if its real or a load of old rubbish?


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Having read the website, I would be deeply sceptical of this; it provides no information at all as to what precisely this ""treatment"" entails, the clinical trial it alludes to is described in extremely woolly terms and is NOT referenced at all, to say who did it, where, how etc. This evidence is about as useful in ""proving"" the treatment works as a chocolate teapot is useful in holding hot tea.

Personally, I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. But that's just me.....


yea, it did seem extreemly dodgy, i dont think it would be something to try, probably just one of those things you downlaods and it ruins your health and your computer


A few years ago I asked my sons pediatrician about herbal remedies for asthma that someone was selling in our area and he said that people with asthma are often allergic to certain herbs and should be very careful about trying new ones and he did not recommend them. He said that asthma is not something to be taken lightly and non-medical treatments should be avoided. I have heard though that certain chiropractors can give temporary relief of asthma symptoms for some people.


Hi Wendy,

there is a lot of 'crack pot' stuff out there!

I never believe anything that claims to cure asthma because at the moment there is no cure. I there is however a cure it the future, it will make the news Headlines.

some people can get some relief for some of their symptoms from genuine / proven complementary therapies but in any case you need to check with your doctor that it won't be detrimental to your health.

A lot of herbal remedies can be just as potent and have side effects and interactions as orthodox drugs.

Take care & hope your cough gets better.




I'll keep it simple:

It's a load of crap. Don't believe a word of it!

I have nothing further to say about it.

Stay well everyone.

Big fat hugs,

Fluffy. x x x


Yes I agree there are so many hoaxes out there. My violin teacher is always nagging me about taking so many medications and once she introduced me to her herbalist, who told me asthma is nothing more than dehydrated lungs and that I would be fine if I drank more water (!).

Seriously though, I would stay away from all that stuff, you could waste a lot of money and precious energy.



Hi Gang,

I agree with Fluffy its a load of old crap.

Sometimes I wonder whether these so called cures may do more harm than good.

The only medication that I can be sure is the ones my Dr provides me.

Hope alls well with everyone

Giggles xx


I'm in complete agreement here.

What really annoys me is folk who claim that they have a cure for asthma (or whatever), but that no-one knows about it because all doctors are slaves to the big pharmaceuticals companies.

Okay, so go to the press then! If you've really got a cure, you'll soon get the message out when every newspaper and TV news prog comes beating a path to your door...


Yep, it looks hoaxy... I tried kind of hard to find any user reviews and there was only one. If you Google the author, it brings up a ton of dodgy sites selling this book and certainly none that were even half trustworthy. Here's the one review:


This ebook is nothing more than Buteyuko breathing exercises- First she promises you there's nothing more to buy, then once your pay your $50 you still have to sign up for a $200 for breathing coach! Don't waste your money!


By the way, she also has another book out that cures cancer. Seems to me that what she really needs to write is a book on, ""How to Get Rich Quick!


Thanks for that, Elroy.

Do you work p/t as a private detective. Great sleuthing skills!


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