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Where next?

just to pick the brains of some of the more experienced people on here.

Where do i go next now that seretide isnt working anymore? nurse wants to go down the consultant route with me again, but with me moving back to redditch soon (long story) thats got to wait till after my move, but she wants to do something in the mean time, and i really dont know what, seeing the asthma doctor at the practice tuesday and a little rattled as to whats going to happen to me next?

any ideas?

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Hi Wendy,

Sorry to hear that you are having problems. I suggest that you write down all your concerns to take with you to your practice asthma doc next tuesday so that you can discuss them fully with him/her. It is always unsettling not knowing what is going to happen next but I am sure that the doc will be able to explain everything to you.

Sorry I can't be of more help




went to doctors today and after a complete exam, and for some reason a PF was only done after i took my blue inhaler which was a little strange, but there you go, and some very unusual wheezing (not a typical wheezer, generally more of a cougher) theyre reffering me back to the Redditch cons.

I don't mind, but if he tries taking my seretide down to 50 again, i may have to whack him on the head as that caused no end of bother last time.

So its 6 months of just grinning and bearing it on medication that really isn't working and a while until i can move out of my parents as its a very stressful environment which really doesnt help matters. I just want this to go away now, but finding it hard to not just give up. doesnt help that my stepdads bragging about how great he feels now his hernia has been repaired and he rubs it in that his problems gone, while mines still here and spiralling out of any means of control as well as generally doing everything he can to make me feel awful or stressed out (its almost as if he wants me to have another attack and end up in hospital again), GP route is exhausted, cant give me long term pred as it will cause me more problems and doc says its generally more touble than its worth. cant even get on my bike and make some happy hormone, so i feel thoroughly miserable

sorry about the moaning, i just need to vent and know there are people on here who have been through it themselves and can give me some advice


Hi Wendy,

Sorry to hear that you're having so many problems, and that your home life is so stressful at the moment, which obviously isn't helping things.

I'm glad you're being referred back to your consultant - it sounds like your GP is not happy to increase your medication any more, and that may be what you need. If the doses in your profile are correct, you are not on maximum dose Seretide, so there is room for manoeuvre there. There are also several other medications that can be added in to try to improve your control. Your doctor is right that long term oral steroids can cause significant problems; however, for some people they are necessary to control their asthma and provided the dose is kept to a minimum, they can improve things dramatically for some people.

The vast majority (95 - 97%) of people with asthma can be controlled, with the right combination of medication. It can take some time to find the right regimen for you, but please don't give up on the idea of getting good control. Do make sure you explain all your worries and concerns to your consultant. You don't have to accept this level of control.

Hope this helps, do let us know how you get on

Take care

Em H


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