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GP is furious with Consultant

As the title suggests! I went to my GP this morning for a review and just a general check up on my progress. She asked how i was feeling and i told her that since taking down my seretide i have struggled, especially now i'm more active.

She read the notes form my last cons appointment and was raving about ""if these symptoms were presented why did you lower her seretide!"", especially after she noticed that my lung function has dropped from 89% to 85%.

So I have been told to go back to the higher seretide and she has given me a spacer to use for my medications as the effect is better and i would benefit from getting more down in to my lungs. PFs still in the low 300's so gotta keep an eye on that for now.

:) I'm finally getting there and I hope all of you are too

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Hurrah for GPs. Worthy of their salaries, I say.



Hear, hear Steve


yeah they are. its just very frustrating when you come across doctors who just dismiss evrything as a virus (cos appendicitus, or coughing up blood are part of viruses arent they!).

yes i am cynical of doctors because of those handful who seriously let me down when i needed it (nearly costing me my life). But i do recognise it when there is a good doctor out there


Far more moaning about the bad and not enough praise for the good!! wht do we alawys remember that one bad incident with someone but forget all thepossitives with all other hard co workers?


I'm taking all this info on board and hopefully my patients in 2 years time will have positive experiences!!!?!?!! I agree with andrea i have met sum awful drs in the past but also met some fantastic ones. Sorry to hear of your experiences tho wendy.


well have got lovely gp but con at costa at mo about much use as chocolate teapot. if it was one of mums at wrk wud tell them to get 2nd opinion but its diff when its 4 yourself. costa aqm under waste of space as well got wrong meds when was in last time and had to tell them also managed to cross wrong nebs off so missed couple of doses as had to be re written up again had to tell them. on positive side have had nice docs in diff costa.


Bad stuff aside i know there are brilliant doctors out there and i praise Dr Cooper and would put my health in her hands anytime, its just my consultant was useless and one of his clinicians was convinced that if you dont wheeze then theres no trace of asthma at all. but the GP has wisely put the meds up and has put me in the practice asthma clinic, so that should yield something as the person who runs it is an asthma specialist anyway.


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