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i braved cycling!

and lived to tell the tale. although i did use LOTS of ventolin and pushed up 3 big hills, was in pouring rain and 92% humidity. that was fun lol, luckily its all down hill home ;) fun...

well theres my big achievement of the day lol... i'll behave now :p

*she says sitting at collage watching a film on her psp while shes supposed to be working LOL*

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Congratulations Wendy! You must feel great!

I've got a bike in my shed but it's not seen the light of day for a long time... probably rusty by now!

Emily H



good for you, doesn't it feel great when you finally achieve things like that? Ifind that when I'm well, a short bike ride around the block is a nice and easy form of exercise. Keep it up, and behave yourself!



i couldnt help it, the psp was talking to me and the UMD *jumped* in to it without any assistance... honest lol

nah, i'm going to build up my cardio, cant get up the huge hill yet, but going down it is really fun


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