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Night Time breathing tips

i know this has probably been posted before, but i need some advice as my long suffering boyfriend hasnt had a good night sleep in days because of my breathing. Its odd because its during the day as well, my breathing is loud and sometimes wheezy. Ventolin helps with it, but i cant take ventolin every 10 mins!

Any other ideas, i dont get acid reflux which could cause the problem, but its really starting to be a nuisance, especially as cons said that i shouldnt be having any probs any more, and halved my seretide before discharging me.

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Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Did your consultant at the hospital discuss stepping up and down before he discharged you? It sounds to me like you could do with stepping up your seretide again if you are feeling worse. Were you better on the higher dose? Especially since your breathing is worse at night. It is one of my signs and symptoms on my asthma plan to go and get extra help.

I'd go and see your GP to look at reviewing your medication again.

As for sleeping, I find using pillows so that I'm more upright helps. If my chest is congested I use Karvol. Apart from that you could buy your boyfriend some ear plugs!



lol we tried the ear plugs!! but when his alarm went off for work the only thing that alerted him was me prodding him!!

The consultant basically said that as i could cycle to college (he assummed there were no hic-ups so to speak and when i said there was he wouldnt listen) that there was no need for me to be on any medication more than my ventolin and said i should wean off the seretide. I was lots better on the highter dose, i rarely wheezed, i coughed a little and went days in a row without taking more than 1 puff of ventolin.

I might try the pillows, though i sometimes find using none (though not that comfy) helps.

I'll have to call the doctor and i hadnt been yet this year, but i am a g** for trying to struggle on and not take an appointment away when someone who might need it more cant get one!

This table looks comfy lol


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