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An interesting thought

i was sitting around today and a random though popped in to my brain.

As a lover of body modifications such as tattoos (i have one, pretty blue tribal) and piercings (owner of 6 including 2 lip, flesh tunnels, belly button and 2 in the nose), will the shock caused to my body from having these things done affect my asthma as a young and rather rebellious youth i want to get another tattoo dont soon as well as four new piercings.

can anyone advise me on this?


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I am the same - i have tongue,lip,ears,belly pierced and 6 tatoos. The only thing i was told was that if you have been on prednisolone you are not supposed to have any piercings or especially tatoos for 2 years after that and the tatoo parlour should ask if you have taken any form of steroids on the consent form. Its just that pred lowers your immune system so you are more likely to suffer from infection and septacemia!

But i had my lip pierced only about 4 weeks since and it has healed really well and im on long term pred!! And i had a tatoo on the back of my neck about a year since!

I dont think it would make any difference to your asthma unless of course yours is set off by the pain.

Just see how you feel on the day and Good Luck.



thanks for that kymiii :D, so i think its off to brum on the 10th to get my next lip and maybe next nose done :D. ive never been asked about steroids before, but then again, ive only been on beclometasone for 5 months now.

i get a lot of infections to piercings, about half i think, so my immune system is pretty useless any way. I fell off my bike on monday and i grazed through my hoody, thats started pussing lol


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