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What a strange position

Today i was daft enough to be cycling uphill without remembering my salbutamol, luckily i saw someone i knew en route and they had thiers, i took 2 puffs and they carried on, however my wheeze and cough has not subsided and theres a bus ride to Redditch, then a down hill ride home to go before getting some meds.

how do i get out of this one?

sorry to be a moan, but ive been feeling like this all day and tried various different relaxation techniques to calm it but nothing has helped. plus i dont really fancy visiting a costa as the acute attack has been calmed and i'm just having the threatening after effects.

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just emailed other half, he has doctors at 4.50pm and i get back to Redditch at 5.00, ive asked him to meet me there with a reliever, should make riding home a little more comfortable.

thats if it works this time


Hi Wendy

Hope you got home ok and hope the ventolin has worked it's magic!!! Don't forget the ventolin next time you go cycling though!!


thanks :)

it worked temparaily, still working off the after effects lol, theres a valuble lesson to be learned here...

before you leave the house, check, double check and in some cases triple check.


Hi Wendy,

Why not check out this web site and get a PuffaPouch so that you have your inhaler on a cord round your neck or even clipped to the bike!

They are great and available in Nice funky colours - I have a blue one and a pink one. The company also donate some of the cost to AUK!

Take care




PS I have been banned from riding my bike - ended up in A&E too many times!



I've just been onto that puffapouch site - what a fab idea! I've just ordered a pink one to start with!


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