Just started taking it today. Doctor hopes it may help with my allergies to animal dander. Went to my sister's a couple of weeks ago, her dogs were in due to the cold! My airways started tightening within ten minutes, so I used my ventolin 3 times during the next hour and started feeling shaky. I was left with a cough for the next week or so. I really hope I can get some relief as this allergy to animals is affecting my lifestyle. My sister in law has invited us over for a skiing holiday at her place in the French Alps, but I can't contemplate going because she has 4 cats and 2 dogs. Anyone else got similar probs?

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  • Hi nelli, I can not say whether it was the singulair or not, but when my son had his allergy test he too was allergic to animals more so with cats though, he use to take 4mg (his 7 btw) up untill last oct where it was increased to 5mg. We noticed early last year his reaction towards dogs was much less and with accasional introduction to them he seemed fine with short haired. We have had our boxer for a year now with no problems, appart from she can accasionaly make his skin flare up. I can not say whether it was his montulask or just the gradual intorduction that helped. His been on it since he was 2 1/2 so its been a while.

    Sorry mot of much help


  • I had Singulair

    I had it, i got loads of side effects from it though, i hope this helps u get better,



  • hi blue angel how r u?

  • hi blue angel how r u?

  • I joined the forum yesterday and wrote this late last night when I was feeling sorry for myself. Just realised how whingy I sound after reading some of the probs you guys have (missing out on a free skiing holiday is a minor inconvenience), and I should count myself lucky that I only have mild asthma and have never been hospitalized. However, I'm currently training as an aromatherapist and am doing Reiki II next week. I would love to change my career and become a mobile therapist, I hadn't thought of the possibility of asthma affecting my work, as I have been asymptomatic for a while and it took the episode at my sister's house to bring it home to me that I will be affected if my clients have any pets. Has anyone out there beaten their animal allergies?

  • Thanx Gneilson and Blue Angel. XX

    Blue Angel, I know what u mean about desensitizing. I replaced my dear, 17 year old, departed cat with a new kitten last year and it took me about a month of coughing wheezing and spluttering before the symtoms gradually subsided. I am still allergic to other cats though! :(.

  • Hey dont worry about whinning or whinging, we all have the right to do so, and sometimes it makes us feel a whole lot better. Maybe in time the allergies will sub-side a little towards your sister's dogs. Dont give up hope just yet on your career choice, and never feel bad guilty or anything like that if you wanna whine go let it out we are all here to help support and give hugs to all those in need. :-)

    Hi gneilson, I'm fine thank you.:-)


  • Thanx Blueangel XX It's good to know I've got somewhere to spout off. I don't know why I've never thought of joining a forum for asthma before - looks like you're a lovely supportive bunch of peeps on here. :-)

  • Just started taking it a couple of weeks ago and it does seem to have made a difference.

    Before I was only taking Symibort but with Singulair as well it seems to have helped.

    I do get a feeling of restlessness in my legs and a small blotches on my hands since taking Singulair as side effects.

  • Hi there

    I've been taking Singulair for a couple of years now, but I was given it to help prevent me coughing during the night. Like many, I used to wake up choking a few times each night. Since I have been on Singulair this has improved dramatically and it is the minority of nights that I have this problem.

    I have never been told that Singulair would help with allergy-type symptoms and, in fact, I take daily doses of loratadine (an anti-histamine) which do help with these problems. If I don't take them my nose streams, my chest is tighter than usual and I could sneeze for England.

  • Great news! (I think)

    Spent ALL day at Reiki Master's house yesterday, to do my Reiki II training. She has got a dog and I did not have a single wheeze, cough or sniffle. The only difference to my medication is the Singulair. The next test will be when I go to my sister's again with her two moulting dogs. Watch this space.

  • Hi all.

    I'm relatively new to Singulair and use it to stop my nocturnal coughing as I find alot of other meds I've tried over the years have been useless to me and some have made my symptoms worse. All I can say is, for me... Singulair is the mutts nuts!!!!!

    Love, Fluffy. x

  • Hi,

    i am on singulair 10mg daily and find it really good. I would recommend it or at least to try it.


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