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Could it be Asthma 5

Hi all,Not sure about the new style site, anyway I am formerly known as chilly.Just an update on where I am now. Been to my GP again this time I had a reversal done where an Asthma treatment is given to me to see if I respond well. To be honest it didn't go well however they are now sending me for a spiroptomy on Mon nxt week and I am currently monitoring my peak flow which is averaging out around 530 at the mo,still have my coygh,wheeze and tight chest (im a 6.0 male approx 38 yrs old), is this normal?regards chilly.

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what is asthma 5?


Hi Jess 06 and welcome to Asthma UK,

If I have got ma wig on straight, I would say that 'Could it be Asthma 5' is a continuation of the thread on the old boards titled 'Could it be Asthma 4'. The originating thread on the old boards was titled 'Could it be Asthma' which was re-posted several times after the preceeding threads had been archived and locked.

Take care,



Hi Jess/Deek,

yes it is a continuation from the old posts, pity they are not on to refer too. From what I can remember deek has replied to a previous thread of mine. Sorry if it has confused people, I tried to run it like a film sequel as enlightment only as the ""could it be asthma"" is moving on, due to the failings of my local gp practice. Will keep people informed of whats happened after Monday where I should get a definite diagnosis for my asthma and treatment needed. My post was realy just to query my current peak flow average. I was hoping someone could of shed some light on it.


Hi Phil,

Average PF for 6'0"" male at 35-40 years of age is 650l/min.

So you're a bit low, but there are a multitude of factors affecting PF, and not everyone is ""normal"", else the world would be a dull place. But could be a pointer as to what your asthma's up to.


if you go to they have a calculator which tells you what your normal peak flow should be for your age and height. if this counts as advertising feel free to remove it!

hope this helps,



Hi Phil,

Yeh, I'm sure I did reply to one of your sequels. I think I would have to go 'Back to the Future' (back to the old boards) as I can't recall which one it was - LOL.

Well, I'm slim 5'10"" ish without ma wig and feel aboot 7'10"" when I wear my best ""see you Jimmy"" wig - LOL. Either way, my PF is about 630 ish. I'm not terribly fit either, although I am always on the go.

I describe my asthma as mild infrequent asthma and is probably a cross between cough variant asthma and bronchial asthma. I thought this is worth mentioning because this type of asthma does not really show up as a measurable drop in PF, regardless of whether your normal PF is 230, 530 or 630, etc.

Let us know how you get on after Monday.



Hi Derek,

I here what you are saying, my problem is I don't know what I should be showing, as recommended peak flows for your height vary from person to person. I am also taking a nasal type steriod at the mo which isn't helping at all, in fact its giving me sinus and headache issues so ive stopped taking it. regards chilly


Good Luck


just to say all the best for your spirometry test tomorrow. I had one a few weeks ago and the worst was living without my inhalers for the required amount of time. Hope you don't have that prob. Hows the chest and cough? still attached to you? send them packing and when you find a way of doing it let me know and mine can join them.

Have got my first consultant appointment tomorrow so fingers crossed I might feel better at the end.

Let me know how you get on.

All the best

Katharine x


hi katherine, thanks for the support, good luck to you tomorrow. yep cough still with me as is the wheeze with peak flow around 540 (poss due to cold weather too). will let you all know tomorrow pm. thanks for everyone's support.

regards chilly


hey chilly :)

your pf does seem a bit low and the tight chest and wheezing dont really offer much hope

hope u respnd to the meds hun :)



how did you get on today? I have just got back from my appointment and needed another spirometery test. Consultant still doesn't know what prob is as I don't completely fit the box for Asthma. G8. Have got to go back for more breathing tests which could be fun as I had a coughing fit for 10 min today and that was with inhalers 1 1/2 b4. But have got to record peak flow which I have been doing but left the charts at work after rememberuing to bring them from home -dopey me. Have got to go back in 6 weeks for another appt so we shall see.

Hope you got on better and have got the results you wanted.



Hi katherine, todays spiroptomy didn't go too bad although i did come out very tired and more of a wheeze/cough. They have given me an inhaler now, although the tests were really inconclusive has i only had a 7% increase on my peak flow when tested at the docs when having the inhaler part of the test (apparently they look for 15%). Anyway, been referred to a consultant who has a wait time of 10 weeks!! just got to take inhaler as required along with my nasal spray. They also think i may have a nasal drip that goes straight down my throat which isn't helping my cough. take care all, will keep you informed. chilly


Chilly any news on your appointment yet?


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