could I possibly pm someone?

I'm sorry to ask, but this asthma thing is really getting to me and I could really do with someone having me rant/whine/bitch about it. I'd post on here but there's a few things surrounding it which I don't feel comfortable posting about. For those who've said I can PM then, I appreciate it. I dislike PM'ing people out of the blue though and find it slightly easier asking up front.

Sorry again.

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  • Hi I'm new so haven't spoken to you before but if you need someone to rant at at this stupid hour go ahead. I've been coughing since I woke up at about 1 o'clock and am tearing my hair out. Argh!!

    Nik x

  • According to your profile account thingy you're not allowing anyone on your profile to pm anyone. I drifted off, half asleep, half awake - gonna see if I can properly sleep for a bit. Thank you for the offer. :)

  • Hi Confused,

    If you need to have a rant or chat then of course you can PM me.

  • Hi Confused, Feel free to PM me. I'm a lifelong asthmatic and teenage son is too, so lots of experience!!

  • PM me happy to chat, feel free to rant away too. xx

  • I am around at the moment as have been off work since before Xmas, so, PM me anytime, my health is fairly dodgy at the present, moan away we all now how frustrating things can be.

    Lisa xx

  • Pm'ed you back but not sure if it worked or not :s

  • latest I got back was 8:10ish nik? if you've sent anything else then I haven't.

  • Hey confused,

    Feel free to pm me, although I haven't replied to many of your threads I have been following them and can really sympathise. I have had similar problems with cons in the past!

    Hope you're doing ok

    B x

  • Hi confused,

    You can PM me anytime, I'm one of the non-classic/atypical asthma people... Or as my consultant says, at each appt even after diagnosing me with atypical asthma, 'I'm not sure it is asthma.' So infuriating!! (But he is good lol.) I have had my latest flare up for 20 months and counting, so feel free to rant!

    Jac xx

  • 5 hours sleep in the last 3 days due to tightness yet I have no wheeze so nothings gonna be done?! ARGHHHH

  • Hello there, I m sorry you re having such a difficult time *sends hugs if its ok* Feel free to PM me anytime, I know what its like and would like to help in any way possible. Hope asthma gets better controlled soon.

  • Well seem to have lots of replies but Im there is ANYONE wants to rant Ive been through most things along and a frequent hospital vistor

  • Hello again Confused, feel free to rant and PM, think I said feel free to pm me before.

    Not surprising given what you've said that asthma is really getting to you.

    I've also had the whole it's not asthma ... reflux which is sooo frustrating.

    Whereabouts are you in the country as others on here may know your area and be able to help?

    I know I've found others who've seen the same cons/been in the same hospital.

  • PM away! I've ranted enough on here myself so very happy to lend a hand/ear/whatever.

    Sorry to hear you're not any better after the Costa trip (well except at least cons seems to be taking you seriously now. Why is it such a struggle to get them to believe something's going on sometimes?) Hope dr is able to do something.

    It's really frustrating sometimes the way it just acts up. Have had SOB/tight chest for last couple of days for NO apparent reason! Thought it was cold weather, but turned warm and horrible today and is just as bad, inhaler not having much effect/lasting long. Frustrating thing is there's nothing I can do as like you on paper I always seem ok - PF not really dropped (well, yours does it a lot more), I don't think a wheeze though fairly noisy nothing anyone can do! But have massive sympathy for you and everyone with the sleep, as last time I had a flare-up above my 'normal' flare-up I had 2 weeks of rubbish sleep and it was awful.

  • feel free to pm me anytime x

  • peak flows at 75% and I'm feeling really crappy. why can't it behave? just ONE day?! I'm not asking for much. I can deal with coughing, I just want one day, where I don't have varying levels of tightness.

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