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when to get help?

When do you get help with your asthma? I usually get help when there's been a big drop in my PF. PF currently at 75-80% of best, salbutamol is picking it up by about 40 after multidosing, but staying the same for a good few hours afterwards. I'm tight, got quite a bit of pain, SOB and wheezing a bit . Does it need help, or is it one of those things that comes with being asthmatic?

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Confused, no-one can see or assess you to see if your symptoms need ""help"" or not. The only way to tell is to see a health professional and be properly assessed - please do so, if you are uncertain.




I'm managing okish at the mo, its settled enough to hopefully get some sleep. I was wondering for future reference really, my consultant has only just decided I'm asthmatic, changed a few of my meds but hasn't said when to get help and things. Sorry.


You may find this useful reading, then :) (Asthma UK's guidance)


Thank you, I'll have a look tomorrow when I'm on my laptop. Currently laid in bed feeling sorry for myself on my phone ;)


Definitely get checked out. I know it's hard but best err on cautious side. I'm a lifelong asthmatic and my son an asthmatic, so I feel I should have a good idea when to seek help, but I have been caught out a few times in the past ie should have gone to GP sooner. Doctors never mind checking. Good luck and I hope things improve for you.


Thanks Confused and Cathbear for the posts and response with AUK guidance, bit of a oops moment of realisation for me.

Confused, you could've described me there apart from no wheezing. Peakflow is good at 80% of best currently. I generally manage work etc ok but it does slow me down, get used to the ongoing rather than acute symptoms. Hmm, had so many appts in the last 18 months I'm reluctant now unless I have to as sometimes feel not taken seriously esp as peakflow etc better than predicted.

Consultant not sure what to do with me as tests ok but done when well so have referral to difficult asthma clinic, reduction in meds. Said nothing re when to get help etc apart from ring up for urgent spirometry when unwell as (sorry Cathbear) GPs no good at doing them reliably?! GP and asthma nurse more helpful generally.

Hope you feel better soon but also go back to your GP/consultant if only for an action plan to know when to get help, what to do when etc when to get help.


Rang out of hours, and been advised to go to A&E, hopefully be short visit. :(


I hope it was only a short visit Confused. Hope you're now back at home and feeling better!

TJ...again, snap! I never have the slightest clue when to get help, and no-one, even my generally amazing GP, has really given me any indication. This is not helped by me once being told by OOH dr that no, I did not need to come in even though I had had epic amounts of reliever and was still SOB, actually sounding it on the phone! I did go in, but wasn't sure, and if that is not a situation in which you should get help I really have no idea what is.


I also have no clue when to get help

at one point ( in the past) when had taken a large amount of inhaler and was coughing so much I couldn't talk then took more inhaler and it didn't work ended up in A & E they said no wheezing can't be asthma and didn't treat

also gp am not sure when to go don't want to go if it's not that bad as don't like being treated like there was no reason for me being there and the it's only asthma just take more salbutmol and go away attitude


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