struggling a lot first thing on a morning. ***NOT URGENT***

for the last week or so, I've been struggling a lot first thing on a morning, my peak flow has been around 55/60% after salbutamol. I'm really tight and I'm aching a lot around my shoulders for about an hour and half, two hours after waking up. I'm on seretide 500, it's horrible and frustrating waking up how I am. my GP won't prescribe pred due to lack of wheeze on my chest. anyone got any suggestions?!

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  • Can't remember, is your GP generally a good one? If s/he does not have other redeeming features then a change of GP is warranted - they really ought to know about this one by now esp as you have been to A&E etc and had asthma confirmed by your (admittedly rather useless from the sound of it) consultant - even if he did faff around.

    In any case I would suggest going back to someone and GP is probably first port of call. It might be an idea though to ring the nurses on here first to give you a bit of ammo - might be easier to get somewhere if you can go in saying that they recommended pred (I have tried this approach before and it seemed to work though admittedly my GP is very good and listens.)

  • Think a meds review is needed to see what the doctor or asthma nurse can come up with.Allergy pillows and mattress covers and try raising your bed at the head side .works better than extra pillow and no stiff neck.Good luck and hope the doc can

  • I've been round every GP and back. ;) she's the best one I've found. she's said I have no wheeze, and pred wouldn't work with tightness. although it usually does, and usually helps with keeping my peak flow stable. I've only been 'officially' diagnosed asthmatic for a bit now, but I wouldn't have thought the fact my peak flow is just over 60% after a lot of salbutamol is a good sign.

  • Thats bizarre as Pred is there to reduce the inflammation which is causing the tightness. Its not as if its an antibiotic.

    And many asthma sufferers often don't have a wheeze - but they do get the tighteness.

  • I've got a doctors appointment on monday for something completely unrelated. I can't get in any sooner due to already having appointments everywhere. I'll try asking GP if she can do -anything- with my meds.

  • Don't know if this would be relevant for you or not... but I often find first thing in the morning my lungs are full of thick mucus and I find that coughing this up... often helps with my peak flows.

  • Oh dear, glad my GPs don't believe no wheeze = no asthma or no pred. Have it on my repeat now after needing several courses last year.

    Also discovered unexpectedly my morning peak flows etc improved when I started meds for reflux. It is horrible waking up feeling like you describe too, have been there.

    What medication are you on for asthma as well as Seretide - can't remember what you've said before but think remember you saying you've tried a few things?

  • Could the recent colder weather be a factor in this - you may be breathing colder air overnight. Could you try adjusting your heating and seeing if that helps - or go into hibernation until May :)

  • I can't remember the names of what I've been on. I've been on brown, pink and green inhalers. I've been on singulair, and I'm taking omeprazole 80mg a day.

  • Hmm, well if the GP is good in other respects and listens to you then the 'please help me with SOMETHING' approach may work. I have done this quite a few times (sometimes with the AUK adviceline backup) and it generally gets results - last time it was 'I can't sleeeeeep, help me, it's driving me nuts!' and he obligingly came up with Atrovent which is magic (well, ok, I still don't sleep that well but it's a lot better than before, as I was reminded after running out of Atrovent. The amount of Ventolin needed to get the same amount of sleep is...ummm...rather a lot) :) (This worked until he gave up and referred me).

    If you're seeing GP anyway then definitely ask - and mention the 60% with salbutamol, they like figures. Mine was impressed by my using how long it took to walk to work as a measure of how bad I was - he said it was a very useful objective measure.

  • Hi Confused. I agree - see your GP. agree with Philomela - they like it if we can tell them what works, or what figures we have like our PEF diaries, and tell them you are 40% worse in the mornings, and if you improve during the day with regular treatment, and that you have aches in your shoulders. bless you. really hope you feel better soon. ><>

  • its been tempting to turn the water works on with her. lol. ive had one doctor say its anxiety which has been waking me up. when my chest has been bad before, its been said to double my preventer. I was running seretide 250 four times a day, but got changed onto seretide 500. when I was doubling my preventer, it was helping in the short term, so surely using seretide 500 would have the same effects, no?

  • I have much more mucus in the morning, clear and frothy. I have found that a bit of steaming, face over bowl of hot water with towel over head, helps me to cough it up and feel a bit better. There are exercises you can find on the internet to help bring it up more effectively.

    Give it a try x

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