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need a good old moan - sorry!!

aghhhh!! i am soo fed up astma is causing havoc after a bad attack last thurs , which i dint go t hops for, very stupid as my lips went blue!! and for not goin to hosp i am still suufering now having at leat 2 attacks since, these weren't too bad!! pf is still down, coughin, weezin most of the time. and thats the asthma !! exoect i can feel a good old chest infection comin on!!

at 6th form i ave ad sooo much work to cope with and feelin crap dosen't help!! struggled into and out of schhol everyday geetingon the tube and the bus - so much fun!! as well as that i smeashed my head on a shelf today, sprained my little finger in wens and i ve gt an exam tommorrow whichi i aint revised for and the heatings gone in my house soo that great for my lungs!!

just fed up and soory if im moanin but hey just needed to get it out my system !!

katie xxx

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