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i was put on an emergancy course of pred on fri as my pfs went down tp 230 (the lowest bedt 470 +) and i was needin 15 + puffs of salbutamol weezin on and off short of breath and coughing. Its now sunday pf's are 250 - 300 not much better still short of breathe and coughing ans still needin lots of salbutamol. I ave to call the resp nurse tommorow to tell hr how things are goin but they haven't changed that much !! Is there any pint on bein on the pred (30mg)??

Thanks Katie xx

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Yes, Katielou, keep going with the pred. Sometimes it takes a while for it to kick in, or it maybe that without it your pf would be lower than it is by now (i.e. you're asthma is on a downward dip and still going, but the pred is keeping it at a constant level of rubbish instead of worsening - if that makes sense). It may be that you need a higher dose of pred to help pick things up. Tell the nurse how things are tomorrow, but in the meantime keep going with the pred.



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