not sure what to do ??

hi, just wondered what i should do, i cant seem to shake any of my symptoms off, pf is about 150 ish (best at the mo is 250) and i just seem to be constantly tight chested, sort of breath and a lil wheesy - but that comes and goes. I taken my salbtamol which works for a bit but then it comes back ... i am on pred alread 20/15 on alternate days... what should i do any ideas??

katie xxx

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  • yes i have an idea... seek medical advice

  • lol ... thanks i realsied that but can i do anything else casue i cant get incontact with asthma nurse!

  • i would maybe call NHS Direct or pop to your local as and e - better going early and getting sorted out quickly. x

  • Katielou I am going to be blunt here but at 17 you really should know better. We can not diagnose or give advice for someone in an attack. You need to go to your local A&E or call your out of hours Drs who are equiped to sort you out. We have younger members here who get terribly worried when people post things like you do they get scared and whilst I am sure that is not intention that is what happens.


  • Sorry wasnt trying to be sarcastic but if your ventlin not working for long and pf down there isnt anything any of us can do to help hence saying you need medical help ie hosp/gp. Do you have a treatment plan or protocol you follow as that may help?

  • sorry bex, i didnt want it to sound like i was having an attack and i hope i havent upset any one i was just wonderin if there was any other alternitives as i dont have an action plan or anyting like that and was only asking for some advice beacsue it aint an attack !

    sorry for upseting any one

    katie xx

  • Katielou, you posts have a ""sit up and notice me"" feel, we have had many on here recently who seem to be trying to get attention by saying they are in an accute attack, it has had a lot of members in quite a stew panicking about people and worrying.

    You need to seek help and not just waiting to get hold of your asthma nurse I am sure I read you are being refered to the RBH I suggest you call your resp consultant in the mean time and get advice about what to do, your local team should be able to help you get through until you go the RBH. In the mean time don't over-do it, sit tight, avoid stairs, going out, and doing anything at all that makes you worse and please please please seek help if your PF's drop any lower.


  • Well I've looked back at your posts and cannot see how any sensible person could be upset by any of them.

    Also, you're only 17!! Perhaps you do misjudge things sometimes. So what? People your age often do. It's very hard to have difficult asthma at 17 - I remember it well - so personally I don't feel you should be apologising for anything! You are entitled to a little forbearance, in my view.

    But, obviously, you should have a management plan katielou - why haven't you? As the others have said, you cannot rely on other members for advice when you're in an acute phase. Get your management plan and establish exactly what you need to do when things are going wrong, then you won't need to alarm any sensitive souls on the site

  • With my moderator's hat on, I have to say that I'm inclined to agree with Bex's summary of your recent posting style, rather than Polly's! Taken on their own there's nothing especially wrong with the posts, but in the light of recent events on the board they perhaps needed a little more thought.

    But I also have to agree completely with Polly's last paragraph; as we have posted many, MANY times on here, this is NOT the place to be seeking medical advice - and it's been in the terms & conditions of posting on this board for a good few months now.

    Please seek medical advice; if you're not sure of your options, follow the link to the terms & conditions on the left and read about them there.



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