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is this normal ?

just a quick qu!!.. well 2!!

i had an attack last sat night and ended up in itu for the day in hosp for total of 4 days.. not long thankfully (I have a crap pf so dint ave to get to much before they let me home .. they only good thing about having rubbish lungs!!) :D

the thing is ever since then i have lost my appetite completely i am like never hungry .. i eat still i ave one proper meal a day and healthy snack for lunch i am not too bothered cause i could do with loosing weight !!

but i am constantly tired.. i mean like i could fall asleep anywhere.. when i cam out of hosp i went to college the next day and have been since ( not a great idea but i am sports prefect and had commitments) ... i am only doing 1/2 days though and being taken to and form skl. But i sleep when i get home for a couple of hours and within a few more i am shattered again !!

i am not sure if this is normal or if i am worrying about nothing .. thi has never happened before after an attack so any advice is welcome .. i am here with open arms!!

Thanks Katie xxxx

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It could be ur bodys way of telling you to slow down i guess,

cant answer the apetite question thou sorry :-(


Hi Katie

I was in hospital on friday night for my asthma and since then I have been exhausted! I'm not a great sleeper anyway which probably isn't helping but over the weekend all I wanted to do was sleep, usually if I take a short nap that's all I need for the day but I have been needing 2 or 3 naps a day and I'm still tired! i think it might also have something to do with the weather it has been really up and down lately which probably isn't helping.

Not sure about the loss of appetite though, could be caused by many things but if it continues see your Gp.



If you have no appitite and arent taking in much callories you are bound to be sleepy and tired as your body has no fuel to work with?

Maybe worth trying some suppliments or milky drinks if cant face a meal.

Andrea xx


mars milk is good for meal supplement, and yop and friji


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