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When to see doctor

Just wondering at what point you decide you need to see a doctor for a chest infection. I hate making a fuss and feel going to the docs for a cough is wasting there time. I've coughed for about 10days now with a productive cough and have coughed so much I've pulled all of my stomach muscles. I've been quite wheezy but my ventolin has relieved it but I've been kept awake for last 4 nights with this cough. Just a bit fed up but don't want to waste peoples time.



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Just go, they would much rather see you now than more poorlier and in distress. If its been going on that long its likely to be viral, although a course of pred and antibiotics should help your irritated lungs.



Any chest infection with asthma should be checked out as soon as possible otherwise it could cause your asthma to flare up as it is a trigger.



No two ways about it, smithy. GO!

Waiting rooms are generally cluttered up with people who could do equally well going to see their local pharmacist, so the newspapers are telling us today. This is not you. Go and claim your rightful place as a true patient.

GM xx


hi Smithy

Sorry to hear you are struggling. Just joining in the chorus - don't delay and don't be put off for three weeks because there isn't an appointment and you don't want to make a fuss! If I had been sensible and listened to everyone and not imagined I was bothering people I might have avoided 6 weeks of recovering from pneumonia, missing , preds and being in hospital for three days. Just please GO!!


Thanks for the advice guys, had a bad night last night so went to docs this morning. Doc told me off for not going sooner. Got antibiotics and pred so hopefully will pick up in a few days x


Good for you. Best wishes on feeling better a.s.a.p. xx


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