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Hi everyone,

I posted not that long back about constant chest tightness, it started probably when we began the lovely spell of weather that we have been having. I've had no other symptoms but tightness right in the centre of my chest like I'm being sat on! I have been taking much more ventolin than usual and although it does relieve the tightness it was only for a short time. I left it a few weeks before seeing the doctor and she said I had no wheeze and my chest was clear so was prob just hayfever so gave me some antihistamines. I've never had hayfever before but I do have a blocked/runny nose so I suppose it could be.

I'm usually very well controlled and do a fair amount of exercise so have a good peakflow reading about 550-600. I have dropped to about 450 but said she could give me some pred which I usually have 2-3 courses a year when I have a flare up but she said she would only givee those if I dropped to 300. Even when I've been really bad I don't think I've dropped that low. I've not seen this doc previously but am started to get a bit worried now in case it's not asthma or hayfever.

Im not asking for medical advice I just wondered if anyone else who suffers with hayfever too has experienced anything similar.


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The pollen is doing similar stuff to me. Doctor gave me standard antihistamines but they didn't really touch it. I went back and they gave me stronger ones (Fexofenadine 180mg) which have eased things a bit. It might be worth another chat with your GP?

Good luck


Hi Smithy. The blocked / runny nose sounds very like the rhinitis I have and I think that TS is probably on the right track as it might be that the antihistamine you've been given doesn't suit you. It took me ages to find the one that has the best effect for me.

I hope you find some improvement soon.


I have asthma which I would described as well-controlled. But with the nice weather lately I have been suffering from horrendous hayfever. I succumbed and bought anti-histamines. It works a little but doesn't have much effect. While googling today I discovered something called Nasaleze. I found it at a large Boots store (smaller stores didn't stock it). Anyway, I have to say, I think it's working. I'm still a little sniffly but the irritation and sneezing have subsided. I've been googling reviews for it and most seem to say that it works for them.


Hi smithy,

obviously I can't make a diagnose on here but it sounds like hayfever. It usually makes my eyes and nose runny and tingly throat and tightness in centre of chest. It's the bigger bronchi going into spasm that's causing the tightness in the centre.

As the others have mentioned you'd probably better off seeing your gp and ask for a stronger antihistamine and get checked over just in case.

Or ask them to have a prick test done for allergy testing, doesn't take long and you get results there and then.

Love Lydia x


Thanks very much for your replys. I've got an appt on tue so hopefully they will sort it out. It's just a bit worrying when your chest gets so tight and your not sure why. I thought hayfever only affected eyes nose and throat!

It is a little more reassuring to know I'm not alone

Smithy xx


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