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Persistent oral thrush


Has anyone else suffered with oral thrush? This is the 3rd time I've had it and it's really getting me down. I lose my voice with it as well as having sore white patches in the back of my mouth/throat. The last 2times I've had it I've had a weeks course of tablets which do clear it up but it comes back a few months later. I'm currently pregnant so not sure if I can have the tablets this time round and I'm booked in at the Drs next week. I'm on Seretide salbutamol and singulair and use my inhalers through a spacer and wash my mouth out after use so don't know what else I can do.

Any advice will be much appreciated!


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Hi smithy!

I suffer recurring bouts too despite rinsing etc.

I've recently started using daktarin gel which you can get from the chemist nd have found thus really good as its better than keeping on with taking lots of antibiotics.

Might be worth a try.



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