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Pregnant and possible chest infection

Hi guys,

Just wanting some advice for those that have been through pregnancy. I developed a cold which has gone straight onto my chest. Only had a cough for 2 days but have very productive cough and short of breath as baby is squashing everything anyway. Wouldn't normally bother with drs at this stage but don't know what to do for the best as I'm not sure I would get medication as I'm pregnant but secondly if my breathing is a bit laboured through wheezing, being short of breath and all the coughing is that going to harm baby??

Any advice if anyone has been in similar situations would be much appreciated!

Smithy x

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Fortunately never been pregnant so cannot give any advice on this... But it does sound like you might need to discuss this with either your asthma nurse or GP and who can provide you with safe meds for both of you and any advice you need regarding your asthma/pregnancy. If it does develop into a chest infection it is better to sort it out earlier rather than later...


Sorry just wanted to add congratulations....


Hi Smithy, Congratulations! You dont say how far you are into your pregnancy but I had a bad chest infection and asthma towards the end and was on antibiotics AND steroids.I took asthma meds throughout my pregnancy. If you have a chest infection it is important to get it treated, so dont hesitate to get checked out.

Edit. Just notice you say baby is squashing you so presume you are quite far into pregnancy! Do feel free to PM me.


Hi thanks for that. I forgot to say... I'm 5 and a half months pregnant. Might ring up in the morning see if I can get in. Just feel like I'm in catch 22 don't want to waste their time and don't want to take anything that might harm the baby but I need to be able to breathe properly too! It's rubbish! x


Hi Smithy,


Not that I'm an expert (nor have I been pregnant) but the impression I get from seeing things on asthma in general (round this site for instance) is that it's a balance of risk - in an ideal world no, you would be on no meds at all but they say it's much better for the baby for you to have your asthma controlled.

This goes for regular asthma meds but imagine it would also go for anything extra you might need for control, like antibiotics for a chest infection. Apart from the fact you shouldn't be left to suffer with something that's obviously bad for your asthma, it seems like it's not really great for the baby if you have an untreated infection, so I'd definitely go to the GP.


Hi smithy & congratulations!!

I had a chest infection when pregnant and had steroids amd antibiotics. The Dr told me that the placenta only allowed minimal amounts through to the baby so it ead negligable and morr important to keep me well.

I know you still worry though!

Take care



Hi Smithy (again), Please dont ever think you are wasting GPs time. It is really important to have your asthma controlled, you've got several more months to go and you don't want to be struggling. Let us know how you get on.


Thanks guys. Had an awful night last night so saw the dr this morning. Have an infection and my asthma has really flared up so on double inhalers antibiotics and pred and she assured me it's totally fine for the baby. Hope so! Thanks for the advice tho x


Congratulations Smithy,hope your asthma settles soon xxx


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