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How do I avoid a chest infection?

Hi all, I know this may sound a stupid question but my boyfriend has had a really bad cold with a really chesty cough and is one of the lucky ones who doesn't suffer from asthma! I thought I was doing well not to have caught it already but unfortunately my throat has been killing me all day and that how his started so I know I'm getting it! The only thing thats bothering me is that I know whenever I get the common cold I always end up with a chest infection which in turn sets off my asthma and I really don't want to go down that path. Is there anything anyone can suggest that will maybe help me avoid triggering my asthma?

Sorry to go on but I don't want to end up in A&E like I did last time


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If you are allowed to you could up your steriod inhalers (if you are not sure call GP or asthma nurse tomorrow) and cross your fingers. Not very helpful but if there was an effective method of avoiding chest infections we would all be using it!



Hi Smithy

I'm the same when it comes to colds, a small sniffle in a healthy person turns into pred and a neb with me. This year I've invested in some first defense hand gel and nasal spray.

I use the handgel when I'm out and about at work, shopping etc and then at the first sign of a sniffle I use the nasal spray which helps to stop the virus taking a hold.

Obviously best to check with your asthma nurse that this is ok for you, but I've managed to be cold free all this winter.


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