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tightness in chest

Hi all, I just wondered if any one else gets twinges of tightness just for a few seconds in their chest like theyre just about to have an attack and then it disappears. Its happened to me a few times where my chest suddenly gets very tight but then within a few seconds it passes without me using my inhaler. Its really weird and just wondered if anyone else has experienced this?


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Hi Smithy,

I also get this but am unsure what it is, its like you almost think that an attack is coming on but it just goes. I get it quite frequent but because it goes so quickly I never think about it for too long. I think you should just check it out with your GP/Asthma Nurse, thats what I'm going to do.


i remember having felt like this once only. and i was in the bus, i really panicked thiking about my inhaler lost somewhere in my bag. but then, it disappeared, without any attack.i found it weird too.but never asked my doc about it.


Hi people, I have been experiencing excatly the same thing recently, out of the blue my chest just goes really tight and then within a few seconds it passes, i went to the doctor and he just doubled the dose of my inhaler. I find that changes in the weather trigger my asthma off and thats what i am thinking has caused this latley.



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