A strange flutter!

I just wondered if anyone has experienced this or anything similar. Over christmas I was very silly and stopped taking my meds for 3 weeks and in that time was totally fine and thought I had been cured by a miracle but was sadly proved wrong when I had an asthma attack. Since then I have been back on my meds (Becotide 4 puffs morning and night and serevent 2 puffs morning and night and ventolin as and when). I was told to take double becotide for 2 weeks then go down to just 2 puffs morning and night which I did on monday. I'm due a review with asthma nurse on fri but since monday I keep getting a feeling which I can only describe as a strange fluttering in my chest where I feel as though my airways suddenly restrict then relax very quickly. It will do it half a dozen times in quick succession then be fine again. Its really strange coz I feel like I'm going to have a bad attack then I'm fine!

Wondered if any one else has experienced anything like this?


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  • Hello,

    How often do you get that feeling? I am on the same medication as you. I have had that, does it feel like your heart almost missess a beat.

    I have this now and again, but I dont think its anyting serious. I dont know what causes it, if you find out let me know, but I am sure youll be fine.

  • Ive had it now and again in the past but since reducing my meds on mon its been every day. I'm sure its nothing serions but just makes you panic a little coz you think you're going to have an attack and I hate that feeling especially if I'm at work coz i would be mortified if I had an attack at work. I find it really embarrassing and very few people know I suffer from it!


  • NEVER feel embarrassed by Asthma, its nothing to be ashamed of. I know how you feel tho, I feel like that sometimes people do not understand the seriousness of it, and how ill it can make you feel. And when you are ill, and have to phone in sick, you feel bad as people don't understand. Chin Up, hope you feel better soon!

  • Smithy, maybe you should get this investigated. Is there a possibility you could have any sort of heart condition? The 'flutter' you described was exactly how I described it to my dr before I got diagnosed with mitral regurgitation. Never feel stupid to mention things like this, if I hadn't of mentioned it even though it was not bothering me and was not a hassle they wouldn't of found it.

    Tks xxx

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