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Please dont get complacent !!

Hi Everyone, im new to the site but not to asthma having had it since about the age of 5 along with eczema and hayfever !! Just wanted to say a few words to remind everyone not to get complacent when there asthma is under control as i did and today i had an attack out of the blue by ignoring the warning signs, luckily I was at the drs at the time. The last few days i've been really wheezy and last night i was struggling to breath and my ventolin was not working but i just tried to sleep thinking it would be fine in the morning wasnt and i rang the drs only to be told i had to wait till 4 o,clock this afternoon in hindsight i should have gone straight to hospital but i never. By the time 4 came i was totally breathless, wheezy, couldnt talk or breathe, dizzy and sweaty and as i got in the drs room i had an attack. I've taken 10mgs of prednisolone and my pumps are now responding my breathing is getting better still cant talk for long and my chest aches. This could have all been advoided if only i had listened to the signs but i had become complacent thinking taking my preventer and reliever everyday was enough and not thinking about the change in the weather or the stress ive been under and the fact that ive had a cold are all triggers, this has been a lucky escape and i will listen to my body in future and im urging you all to please do the same as i read that 90% of deaths can be advoided . Thank you and all take care.

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Hi lelly,

Im sorry to hear that your asthma is playing up again but they qre wiae words you've just shared.

Take care and rest up. X


Hi lelly6 and welcome to the site. Sorry to hear about your recent attack. You are so right in what you say - I have been complacent in the past and ended up needing more treatment than if I'd gone to GP sooner. I can still hear the GP saying 'You should have come sooner'....

Hope you feel better soon.


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