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Hi x

Hi, I'm new to this site, but i am already finding it very usefull. My 6 year old daughter has been diagnosed with asthma, eventually after a couple of hospital visits and trips to the doctors telling me she has and then hasn't blah blah blah.....

One of my main reasons for visiting the site is my dad is running the london marathon this year raising money for Asthma uk and i wondered is it possible to post his just giving website on here if any one did want to make a donation.

I really do not wish to offend anybody so if someone can let me no or point in the right direction i would really really appreciate this, thanks xx

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Hi there,

Good for your Dad.

This might be what you are looking for -

GrannyMo xx



I'm sure nobody would mind if you posted the justgiving site on here :)

Just so you know tho, one of the Mod's on here - Cathbear is also running the London Marathon for Asthma Uk so people may have already suported asthma UK through her.

Good luck to your Dad with his training and the marathon! and I hope your daughter is well.



thanks, if anyone would like to sponsour my dad it's

were about half way through our target so any help help or donations will be greatly recieved i understand that you may have allready given but if you have any more spare cash or can just forward this on to your friends we would all appreciate any help. thankyou xxx


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