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Asthma related reflux

Hi I am new here I have moderate asthma and only diagnosed 2 years ago. I have had two bad asthma attacks, but even when peak flow got back up and the steroids had done their job so basically the asthma was being controlled, I was still coughing at night with a lump in my throat so long story short basically they have diagnosed silent reflux and started me on omeprozole, just wondering if anyone else has had this as a direct consequence of their asthma ? In particular silent reflux ? Just be interesting to see if many others have it. Thanks.

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Hi Donna

I to have reflux and take omerprozole daily. I to also feel like i have a lump in my throat and at times im always trying to clear my throat. It is very common i hear with people who have asthma. I have serve/brittle difficult asthma and if i forget to take my omerprozole i have a real burning feeling in my throat and sometimes difficult to swallow food.

Hope that reassures you that your not the only one

Take care



My acid reflux was diagnosed before my asthma, but I think I have had asthma in a mild form since childhood. My brother is exactly the same, so is my mum, so I think its all connected. I don't get any worse with my asthma if I forget a pill (as I have today - on Lansoprazole) but I have to watch what I eat and avoid reflux triggers including wheat. I always feel like I need to clear my throat and cough up a lot of mucus, but also feel like the last few mouthfulls of a meal won't go down and get stuck. Just recently when I had a bad cold and chest infection I was on up to 3 tablets a day as they weren't working properly. Now my chest has calmed down a bit so has the reflux strangely enough.


Thank you all for your replies, reading other posts on here it does seem to be a common problem related to asthma. Thanks again.


Me and my son (14) have relux. Son was born with terrible reflux and on medication for over a year for it. His is much better now but I still have problems. I was on medication for a long time, but now just take Gaviscon. So you are not alone!


I have too. I was given lansoprazole by an ENT consultant who thought I had an odd sore throat and when I mentioned long term issue of food sticking on swallowing but worse recently was told silent reflux too as not obvious heartburn. Respiratory consultant unhelpfully didn't really listen and stated not normal to have feeling of food sticking just above stomach therefore could be a non-organic cause. GP luckily does listen esp as morning peak flow and waking up short of breath better. May be trying domperidone/metoclopramide next.



I have sever GERD (Gastroeosphagael Reflux Disease) and suffer 24/7 with constant burning in my stomach, chest and throat. Im also currently suffering with constant SOB and they are currently working on seeing if the two are linked.

I'm currently taking Esomeprazole, Rantidine and Gavacone. Also drink milk constantly to help with the burning sensation. I feel awful most of the time so can't wait for them to figure out whats going on with my breathing. I also take Dompredone when my stomach feels way to full and I feel like I'm going to be sick but can't. It does help but as I'm on over 30+ meds daily I try not to take Domperidone all the time.

I hope that everyone who's suffering with this horrible condition get the relief needed soon and if I get any answer I will let you all know.

Jilly xxxx


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