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what next for my son on loads medication , i am so worried

hi this is my first post here, i have 3 children two with allergies execma and asthma my eldest is now well controlled she is 11, my youngest is 5 and is brittle asthmatic and i am so worried he is on massies of medication and still having constant flare ups , he misses loads of school and is behind ( which I am not to concerned about as so was my daughter)

he takes his medication via nebulizer at home and at school ,when he is well he uses a spacer ( i say well) i mean when hes not critical.

every day he takes pulmicort, and singular.

we also alternate his nebs ventolin and atrovent sometimes 2 hourly thorouh out the bad times, he has his nebulizer most days at school at lunch time , just recently he has been coming home at one on the afternoons of sport or activity as he just cant join in,

i have had this bought of asthma with him since 1 st september with maybe one or two weeks where the nebs are not need and just a normal spacer.

i just dont know what to do next we have just seamed to live on steroids and nebules and i am,so exhausted poor kid could not even enjoy firewoks for another year, does anyone have any ideas where i can go next?


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Mum of 3 the next place you need to go is back to your consultant. Call tomorrow and ask for an urgent clinic review or of you have an asthma nurse ask them to make a fuss for you. For now I am very worried that you are alternating salbutamol and atrovent the adult dose of atrovent is 4 times a day there a couple of adults on here who can use it 6 times a day but that is not the norm. You need to clarify that ASAP. You should also have a protocol for using nebs at home telling you when you need to think about calling either your GP, Consultant or ambulance if you donj't have one push to get one.

I am sure you will get lots of help and support on here if you look there is a whole area dedicated to parents and carers, and there are some parents of pretty sick kids over there you are not alone although I know it can feel like it, we are here to help and support each other.

Remember that we can not give specific advice as we can't see you children but it does sound like you need to get a clinic appointment this week and clarify if you are supposed to be alternating salbutamol and atrovent.

Remember if the breathing becomes more labored if they stop being able to talk or if they can only manage very small sentences it they become unresponsive, if seem to go limp and lifeless dial 999 don't wait, to see if a couple of nebs will help it is a medical emergency call for an ambulance put them on a neb and get them seen.

Good luck



Hi and welcome.

Sorry but basically going to say the same as Bex.. Your son is clearly not well and the current neb regime leaves a few concerns, but we're not aware of the full medical history or qualified to give such advice. Do though go to your GP or consultant and get an action plan drawn up, detailing what to to do and when. Both you and your son will benefit from that immensely.

you will as already been said, find lots of advice and friendly support for both you and your son, and help in anyway we all can. we will also suggest possible medical alternatives, based on our own experiences, but you and your consultants are only able to make the final decision as to the suitability of any particular drugs.

Do make that appointment on Monday for as soon as possible, and really insist on better treatment and that action plan, before your son gets so much worse.

Do keep us informed on how you both get on, and best of luck



Mum of 3, your post is a little unclear to me personally, what is it you are asking of us? Do you want support ie friendship? If not then please see your Gp!

If so welcome, hope you find useful information on the boards, have a good old browse around and remeber you are not alone in this battle.



thanks for your replys, every one sounds so nice on this site, i have been wandering round and found lots of useful information,

i have been back to gp as he know has a chest infection I have requested to go back to the consultant so hope to have an apointment soon,


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