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does anybody have problems drinking alcohol? I know red wines can be a problem because of the preservatives, but I find that even a sip of any kind of alcohol makes my chest tighten right up. It's almost instantaneous and it actually affects my throat as well. Ah well, I guess it's just a good excuse to stay away from it, as I don't really enjoy it anyway!


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hi brynne - no i don't have that problem with alcohol - thank goodness cos unlike you i really really like it! - but it sounds quite an extreme reaction you are having - am wondering if maybe you should carry an epipen cos if you have a profound allergy to alcohol then it could be a problem if someone had just drunk it themselves and then kissed you or something, or had added a splash of liqueur to a dessert or something

i know it's annoying having to carry an epipen about but the positive side is you can relax without worrying you're gonna get a severe allergic reaction

ps my daughter can't drink either (stomach probs in her case), she gets really fed up with people pressing alcohol on her and not accepting that she doesn't like it and can't drink it anyway! people like that are soooo annoying



Some white wines upset me, i get a rash on my chest, if i have a necklace on i normally get a white mark where it has been also sometimes it affects my face, it goes bright red, expect around my eye area which stays white, It is really strange. I thought i was the only one who reacts to alcohol



i react to red wine and some alcopos like smirnoff ice. red wine makes me sob, eyes swell up, smirnoff ice makes my lips tingle and swell rather than eyes, and sob


I find that if I drink certain alcohol it sets my asthma off especially alcohol that contains colourings, e.g. red wine, beer etc white wine and champagne also make my chest bad it only takes a few sips and I get stomach problems, coughing and wheezing.


I had a reaction again to wine last night, this time was a bit worse, the whole of my face went bright red & really hot (burning) had to wash my face with cold water which helped a bit. I also went wheezy, took my inhaler and helped but face still felt like it was on fire.

I would love to know what it is in wine that i have these reactions too



i am so glad that it is not only me!! i just get so hot when i drink alcahol, my face goes red and my chest tightens. i also get rashes all over my body.

i thought that it was just another strange reaction that i get but it cant be a coincidence now!

by the way, i find that spirits have less of an effect on me and dont give me rashes. but dont try them and blame me for your asthma attack!

i just cant wait for the non smoking ban to come in! i can finally go to the pub with my friends and not stop breathing after 10 minutes!



i'm not really into alcohol, but just the smell of it makes me cough. By that i mean the smell of wine, beer, champagne, and strong alcohol. Once i get over the smell and taste a sip, it gets way worse.

I also get really cold and shivers if i drink a few sips. I dont understand my body! it doesnt seem to agree with anything!


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