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Anyone know whats in the air as possible triggers in the last two weeks ( last week in September)

My sons had the allergy tests and it says hes not allergic to mould or fungi but last week after being outside on a school trip his asthma flaired up, hes been fine all summer. The weather was good so its not the damp. The exact same thing happened last year and he was off school then for 6 months. I have no idea where to look for this information so any ideas would be great. We live in Kent if that helps.

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Hi Benjalina, Just seen that you live in Kent and I think you have had similar weather to us in Somerset over the past few weeks..... the sudden changes in the recent weather have triggered my asthma over the past couple of weeks. I am no scientist but I feel it is likely linked to the atmostpheric pressure - if it drops suddenly I find that I am really affected by it, so much so that I had an asthma attack yesterday. I know that I am not alone with this theory and have spoken to my GP about it who says that AP is a likely cause. Perhaps that is the case with your son? I hope he is feeling better today x


Hi Benjalina, You dont say how old your son is? did he have a cold which maybe triggered his asthma? My 14 yr old son is often worse this time of year as he catches a cold at the beginning of autumn term. He has a fairly good summer and then is ill on and off right through to the spring! He's ok at the moment which is a record, but I know colds are already doing the rounds.

My son also had allergy tests and was shown to be allergic to house dust, pollen, cats, dogs, grass, even 'airborne dander' ie just about everything going... He was put on 2 lots of antihistamines and that did seem to help. He is also on Avamys nasal spray for rhinitis - again, that has helped.

Asthma is variable and sometimes difficult to diagnose, and also difficult to treat. Colds and exercise are my son's main triggers (also mine) but sometimes there just doesnt seem to be anything we can pinpoint.

I hope things improve for your son. Feel free to PM me anytime.


Hi There

I am a newbie !. I have asthma and my 12 year old son also has it - he dosen't generally use his medication often as luckily he doe not have any symptoms, but, i spoke to the asthma nurse last year and it was suggested he uses his preventer and reliever from Sep though April as this is when hetends to get more coughy/wheezy. I think it is just the time of year even when the weather is good.

Hope this helps



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