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Help, Friends house is asthmatic nightmare!

My friends house is any asthmatics nightmare (lots of pets, cluttered and dusty and her parents smoke). The thing is I always miss out at sleep overs and it seems so unfair. I am going there next week end. The problem is i end up coughing like a loony! What should i do to try and minimise this? Do you think that i should go. If it gets really bad...I can feel a steamy bathroom coming on!

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do you take any anti histimines on a regular basis if not they might help. you cud always ask if the bedroom door can be kept shut ad open windw ti get rid of smoke.


am sorry to hear your missing out, maybe you can call the shots sometimes, and organise an outing somewhere where you won't have to cope with pets, dust and smoke.

I'm secretly so glad about the smoking in public places ban, I tried really hard to pretend I could cope, and that I didn't mind smoke.

how did your weekend go?


Hi bobby, could you speak to your friend about how the dust and pets and smoke affect you. Maybe your friend could clean his/her room the day before and keep the pets out afterwards. also leaving the window open to let the smoke out would help.

Hope you manage a good time.



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