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Hi Everyone,

I have asthma and have had it since I was two years old - I am now 46. For the first 18 years of my life I was told, nay instructed by doctors & consultants not to exercise due to having asthma. This led to every conceivable tested & sometimes untested drug being tested on me for a variety of asthma induced attacks & chest infections. Consequently I own very little teeth of my own - all rotted due to said medicines & drugs - yet have no feeling of pain in my mouth.

I can weight train, used to play squash, mountain bike off-road for 50 miles a day, etc, etc without any asthma attacks - yet when I run - I get exercise induced asthma.

Are there any tests, information, exercises, advice, different inhalers, etc that I can use, read, apply for that will enable me to run. I have never really ran at all and would love my cardio fitness to be at a level where I can run off road any time of the year that will not spark off an exercise induced asthma attack or tightness of chest.

My normal everyday peak flow is 650 rising to 720 when I weight train on a regular basis.

In the summer I would like to start off-road running.

I am getting back into the gym next week after a 4 month lay off due to a 6mm kidney stone that was lodged in my ureter and was only operated on the 30th Dec 2011. I now feel recovered enough to go back in the gym.

My workouts will consist on lean muscle gain & cardio function.

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Montalucast singulair is a asthma tablet that is used for exercise induced asthma and take it at night.Might be worth asking your doctor about .x


i used to avoid running cos it was the one form of exercise guaranteed to set me off coughing / breathless for ages.

One year i decided to do a community triathlon where the running distance was only 2.5k but i knew i would never do it without training. I chose my route (a park near me with a 2.5 mile circular path) and i devised my own training plan. On my very first session i did the 2.5 miles run for 1 minute and walk for 5 minutes. That session really did for me, it took the whole 5 minutes each time to recover from the one and i suffered for 2-3 days afterwards. I stuck with it though and went out once a week or fortnight very gradually either increasing the running or decreasing the walking. I'd started that training about 10 months before the triathlon and i managed it fairly ok.

I can now run without *too* much bother and during a 6 week period recently i did a 10k, then a 5k then a 7k run and am still living (and breathing!) to tell the tale - though i will admit doing 10k followed by 5k a week later was a silly idea and i did suffer for it!!


Montalucast singulair

Thank you for your replies so far.

I spoke to my doctor regarding the above medication and he has prescribed it to me.

I assume that this is be to be taken long term and will take a while to have any effect on my body?



It does have a long-term effect yes - apparently takes about 6 weeks to have its full effect - but you should start to notice the effects pretty quickly. I was prescribed it for EIA and noticed a significant difference in 3 days! It hasn't taken me all the way but certainly does mean I can walk at a reasonable speed again. So if it's going to work for you you'll probably notice something within about a week.

Hope it does, it's been so great for me!


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