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Work and Asthma

Thought i might start a topic on this one. Went back to work today after 3 days off sick - things were a little frosty to start off with especially when i nebbed at my desk.I am desperate to stay at work because of financial issues and I am trying to limit the amount of time i have off, ie: am only staying off when i seriously can not do my job. Anyway this is a place where you can share your worries, celebrate your victories, give and receive general advice.

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Hi there, I posted a message yesterday re work and asthma and the grief that I am getting. One of the replies mentioned looking at the Disability Rights Commision website ( I've been in touch with them to see if they can assist.

Does your workplace have an occupational health section? It might be worth getting a referral to them.

Best of luck and take care


Asthma and work

Hi, first I was told that I had copd now I am told that I have brittle asthma. Even though I had to go to a rehab meating at my job. And they asked me(is it chronic) Iwas already sick for a year and had told them . I got laid off, sayinf it was due to econmic reasons. (bull***) Here in sweden it hard to prove your case if you are not swedish. Any thoughts?


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