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Hello everybody, found you all at last,Any advice on what the maximum dose of symbicort 400/12 can be. At moment i am on 2 puffs twice daily, but since been on high dose of flixitide and oxis for lots of years, i am not sure whether i am getting the same amount of steroid into me now that i am on this symbicort and also is pulmicort as strong as flixotide I thought flixotide was supposed to be the best thing going. Its hard to tell for me as i am on 40mg of steroid at moment. Any advice welcome. Thanks

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im sorry i dont really no but im on symbicort 100/6 2wice daily n it seems 2 b fine gd luck 4 u on your quest in to the unknown lol xx


Hi Ken,

You've set me off with your question about the maximum dose of symbicort 400/12.

After a bit of googling I came up with this web ref-

I take four doses of this inhaler a day ATM. (Have been on higher doses when weaning off the pred) Unfortunately my pf's are going down again, so I am in the middle of a review. But up until now this inhaler has been very successful for me. (My allergic triggers seem to be getting the upper hand)

Any way of getting more of the anti inflammatory drugs deep into the lungs by direct inhalation as opposed to the systemic effect of the steroid tablets must be a positive way forward.

I believe the reason why some people get on better with some inhaled combinations, is because the long acting reliever part of the inhaler acts as a vehicle for the particles of the anti inflammatory drug. In other words they both reach the small airways (hopefully) at the same time. Unlike when you take the two types of drugs in separate inhalers.(I know that taking short acting relievers before the preventer type inhalers is suposed to be best but I get better pf readings when taking combined inhalers)

There is a lot of research going on re the size and shape of inhalers and the particle size of the drugs. Again, I think this is a positive step forward because I don't believe that one size fits all!

Not sure about the adantages that flixotide has over pulmicort. Have taken them both in the past, but can honestly say I didn't notice a difference.

But maybe other people have experienced differently?

But I still swear by symbicort!



Recently been changed from seretde to symbicort and seem to be well at present. I am on four puffs twice a day and understood this was the maximum dose.



Sent you a thank you report rachel, but not sure where its gone to, thats life.

Four puffs twice a day, is that the max recomended. Still not sure myself. I am on two puffs twice daily. 400/12.


Don't know if this will help but I was told that the max of Oxis I could take in a day was 72 which if you divide that by 12 (from the symbicort) would be 6 puffs maximum


I am on 200/6 and was on 8 puffs a day however following a severe attack last week they have decided to increased it to 12 puffs a day this is 4 puffs a day over the maimum licensed dose however my asthma nurse said that over the past month evidence is coming through that it is safe at higher doses than the licensed max dose and thus prescribed it to me at this level.



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