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Symbicort or Flixotide/Oxis

After three months of symbicort 400/12, two puffs twice daily. I am not sure that i am any better than i was when on the flixitide/oxis. Is it a case of what suits one dont suit the other. I thought flixotide was supposed to be the best. Does any body seem to do better on one that the other. I am struggling and not sure what to do. Con said i should know which suits me best but at the moment i am not sure. Any advice welcome. Thanks.

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its really hard to know sometimes, and I guess if there is no noticable difference, at least the symbicort is only one inhaler.

I use mometasone, which is newer than flixotide (prob more expensive lol) and meant to be better in some ways - as you say it is hard to tell.



I find flixotide much better than symbicort. The powder sticks anywhere bar the lungs. I dont have the energy to suck these powder things. Peak flows are up since on eight puffs daily.


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