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Food and eating habits.

How is it that i feel so bloated that every time i eat and even before a meal its so uncomfortable. Does everybody with asthma suffer this way. some people say it dont affect them, some say yes but not to the degree i talk about. How can i feel full when i hardly eat anything, but have a bloated belly all time. i feel sure if i was not so bloated i would breath a lot better but telling the doctor all they say is you are sucking in air. please reply if anybody feels this way, its doing my head in.

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hi ken

i have lots of truoble with bloating because i have stomach problms and food allergis and intolerances. it does affect breathng becauseit pushes on yuor diaphram and can cause reflux which makes asthma worse.

maybe look into food intolerancs it sounds like somrthng is going on.

best wishes,

lis xoxo


Morning Ken,

Yeah, I agree with Lis, this sounds like symptoms of lactose or wheat intolerance.

Haven't experienced this myself, but your symptoms do appear to fit the intolerance picture pretty well. Remember the symptoms of intolerance can affect you all through the day and is NOT necessary particular to when you have just eaten, albeit some symptoms may be worse at this time. Intolerance often causes withdrawl symptoms, which again fits with your comments about when you are feeling hungry.

May be worth investigating further, and if correct you may have to adjust your diet accordingly.

Take hair,



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