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COPD focus group

Hi there!

Im hoping that you can help me.

I am desperately seeking COPD patients to take part in a focus

(discussion) group on either the 19th or the 25th of July.

Your website was really helpful to me when i was looking for asthma and copd sufferers earlier in the year.

The group will be viewed by various medical proffessionals in order to

gather together opinions to improve their equipment and service to COPD


The groups will consist of 4 patients and will last between 1 hour and 1hr

45 mins (depending on which group they attend.)

They will take place at The Research House, Ridgeway, Wimbledon and for

their time, each person will get paid an incentive of 75 pounds.

Its a great opportunity for sufferers to meet others in similar positions

to themsleves and voice their views, and areas for improvement!

If this does not appply directly to you, if you would be so kind as to pass this message on to anyone who may be

interested or anyone else who could help me i would be extremely grateful.

Please feel free to contact me on 02089960498

The criteria that we must meet is as follows:

*Patients must have smoked at least 20 cigarettes a day, for at least 10


*Must NOT be using oxygen

*Must be using at least 2 inhalers on a regular basis

*be aged 45+

Thank you so much for your help,

Clare Turner


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