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royal brompton

hi all

i am being admitted to the rbh at the end of nov for a week under the difficult asthma protocol am a bit anxious and wondered what it is like are the staff nice and any information will be appreciated, apparently my asthma is intinsinc (can't spell) and don't know what that really means either, since i have been taking 15mg pred daily instead of trying to wean it down it has been more stable.

thanks all

lisa xx

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Staff at RBH are lovely I don't know which ward you are going to but the staff on both Victoria and Lind are wonderful. They really know their stuff with Asthma. I am on Foulis this time cos it has cublicles and I was a bed to bed transfer from another hospital but again the staff are fab. There is nothing to be nervous about, I had a friend who came up here and she was the msot well she had been for months yet with all the test they could still see how bad her asthma can be and how it affected her life. I say it is like they take a snap shot they do all their tests over a couple of days rather than over weeks which is what would happen if you were doing it via out patients at you local, they then take all that put it together and come up with a plan or rationalise your treatment. Some people will be refered almost straight back to their locals if RBH don't think there is more that will help others will remain under the care of the RBH for sometime.

Now for the practicle bit, you can use your mobile so bring it and charger. Bring things to do inbetween tests, I always have my lap top cos I can watch DVD's etc, bring cash cos you will be allowed to pop to the shop so long as you don't miss any tests. Some people even go out for drink at one of the bars around here. Expect to have to give your history to more than one person the odds are the SHO and Debbie the clinical nurse specialist will both take detailed histories so expect to asked more than once and for goodness sake bring yout PF diary for at least 2 weeks before the admission, is you want to start on the right footing with Debbie.

And don't forget to post the dates you are there closer to the actual date cos you can bet someone from here will also have an out patient appt or something and will pop and up and say hello. I have done that and had lots of people visit me in return, it helps to pass the time.

You have absolutly nothing to fear and so much to gain from coming here...



Hi Lisa

I've just been referred to the Royal Brompton too and am waiting to hear from them. (No idea how long that will take but am a patient patient!)

Just so you know your not on your own in waiting to be seen there!



Hi Lisa & Marmite

Just to add to Bex's comments - as she's a pro, All the RBH staff are brill, really know their stuff.

Be prepared for a stream of test - as debbie the asthma nurse puts it ""we're the detectives, gather all the evidence and come to a conclusion""

Good luck and enjoy the good 'hospital food' - sunday cooked breakfast!

best wishes



Hey lisa,

I think bex pretty much said it all, I'm another RBH patient. Be prepared to give your history to pretty much everyone you meet, I've actually typed out a brief one along with a medication list and just hand that to them when I get there!

tks xxxx


thanks everyone

i am going on lind ward on 27 nove for five days so home on the friday, all your info has put my mind at rest.

marmite it didin't take very long for my first appointment from my referral, hope all goes well for you.

thanks again all lisa xx


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