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reducing work

Morning all,

I do not post on here very often. I started a new job in Jan this year. I have had 2 months of sick in all, and yesterday was advised by one of the doctors at work to go home, he had a listen to my chest and said wheezy+++. I work in a very old hospital and my GP thinks there may be something in the area I work triggering, it is a very old building!

My family who are very supportive want me to give up working. I do not want this. a. the money is handy, b. I like working there.

My asthma was very bad and thanks to the RBH it is has been much better and am no longer on long term pred etc., I am afraid it is getting worse again and I will be back to before and very dependent on those around me.

I am sorry to moan, but I need some advice and all of you on here know how this goes and how you feel.

Advice please would be great xx

Thanks for listenng


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have been in a similar position to you...had horrendous asthma year so far...especially the spring. Lots of time in hospital and ITU. I work in school as a teacher and have cut my hours to part time from september...however I am still struggling and have resigned from my job from the end of this term. I was very sad that I had to make that decision but had got to the point it was either resign or be dissmissed through absecence and capablity. In the end I felt i had no choice, my life and health are more important than my job. Money will be very tight but am hoping to pick up work when my asthma has stabilised a bit. I suppose it is different for everybody...I loved my job too but I feel I have had to make this decision. I know this may not be advice technically but just to let you know that you are not alone facing decisons such as these.


LJH, I'm so sorry to hear that you're in the position of thinking about reducing your hours at work. Before you make any final decision, do you think that it might be worth getting in touch with RBH? They might be able to suggest some modifications that could be made to your work environment, or to your asthma management plan.

The DDA (as I'm sure you know) requires to make 'reasonable adjustments' to allow you to do your job. Could you move to a different part of the building? Take regular breaks outside or in another area? Work fewer hours?

Hope you manage to get things sorted out, and that you feel peaceful with whatever decision you make.


PS. Honey, I'm in the same position as you - have just lost (rather than resigned from) my job, after a huge amount of time off sick. I hope that the time without work is beneficial to you, and that you manage to get to the point where you can go back to work.


Thank you ladies. I will be chatting to my boss and have applied for a part time position in a different part of the hospital, so we will see.

It is such a hard decision to give up your job and I value the information that you have given me. I have managed to pull my cons appointment forward so I will have lots of questions for him.

Thank you, it makes me feel less alone.

All the best

Lisa xx


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