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oh dear here comes the pollen


I saw a chilling news report this afternoon about a huge pollen cloud heading our way apparently its going to be hell for asthmatics.

Hayfever sufferers are being warned that a giant pollen cloud covering much of the North Sea is heading this way.

The pollen cloud is being blown across to Britain on high winds from Scandinavia.

Hundreds of people in the north of England have reported a fine yellow dust settling on their cars and homes.

A Met Office spokesman said a new generation of satellites were producing images that confirmed a large plume of ""dust"" was being blown from the east.

Forecasters said a wet April followed by a warm, sunny early May had produced record levels of birch pollen in Denmark.

""The explosion of birch pollen in Denmark this year has been caused by near-perfect weather conditions over the last few weeks,"" said the Met Office spokesman.

""A late start to the pollen season, a wet April followed by a warm, sunny early May have combined to see birch catkins releasing an enormous amount of pollen grains over just a few days.""


Just thought I'd let you all know,

tks xxxxxxxxx

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cheers for that tks,

may ahve tp ahve some days indoors. will ahve a plan i think so it doesnt get to the astma too much.

hope your good



I heard that too......I hope it stays out of North Wales or I think I'm in trouble!

It's already too heavy to breathe.

Has any1 here been affected by it?


lol I posted the link on camping earlier lol

Still good to see it being spread around as its defo worrying lol


It's here already :o( Well it is where i am (Suffolk in East Anglia). It appeared on monday morning after a soaking during sunday, i actually thought it was just sand but when i went to work on tuesday. a saw a guy who had it all over his car and he told me it was pollen, new 1 on me!

I'm off to dr's tomorrow as it is, i wonder if i should mention it to her? I don't have a choice of staying indoors as i have to go to work. A report heard said people with asthma and hay fever should stay indoors in the evening when the pollen is most likely to fall from the atmosphere.

Anyone get the feeling the weather has got it in for us? lol



I saw that report on the internet & read it in the paper. Could be the reason why we are all suffering so badly. I live in the south east, but i still have yellow dust on my car. I woke up at 1:30am this morning, sneezing, itching & wheezing. Had to take meds quite a few times to stop it. If it happens again then i will go & talk to dr. I always get bad when it starts to cool down in the evening & 1st thing in the morning. Im not looking forward to when it rains that is bad for me aswell.

Take care every1




I've just seen it on the AUK homepage as well. Its quite a good report on there with some good tips.

tks xxxxxxx


Thanks TKS,

just seen the yahoo report.

I think its in Essex too unless the big whomping willow tree at the end of the road had a big shake of its flowers during the night! Car covered in pollen!




Lets hope it does not make its way down to Devon.



If it reaches North Staffordshire Im hibernating lol


Wheezer there is a another name for hibernating during the summer but I can't think what it is...



It seems to have already hit us!!

I got up the other morning to find that my crimson Ford Ka had turned Yellow in fact there was uniformity in all the cars on my estate instead of blue, red, crimson, grey etc they had all turned yellow overnight!! It was so thick I could write my name in it. I know, I tried!!



There was a radio warning on my local radio station yesterday re this cloud of pollen, and the area I live, - heart of England. I didn't need telling though! My eyes are so yucky, - let alone all the other pollen affected bits of me - that I've stopped wearing contacts and even eye make-up. Now that's scary!




I'm new on here but yeah i heard about that. I think it's already arrived where i am, it's all over the cars, you can see this yellow dust over them all. It's set my hayfever and asthma off anyway.

Becca xxx


Any tips for coping with Cherry Blossom of a tree that fruits its driving me insane LOL


Wheezer - cherry blossom is a insect pollinated plant so shouldn't produce much pollen that can be wind blown - just pink snow drifts of petals!

Just think of the nice fruit!



I hate this time of the year when all the pollen come out, august is the worst month for me usually. It always effects my asthma.


Hi Wheezer,

Just thinking about what Kate Moss said; -

Re - cherry blossom is an insect pollinated plant so shouldn't produce much pollen that can be wind blown - just pink snow drifts of petals!

You know how I keeping banging on about terpenes (naturally emitted VOC insect attractants) causing/exacerbating asthma, well the Cherry Blossom probably gives off terpenes also. What you may be experiencing is chemical sensitivity which in turn will be causing the hayfever symptoms.

p.s. Carole - glad you got your meds sorted with the GP this morning.

Take care,



Apparently I read in the paper that monday 29th May at 6:02pm will be a bad time for Hayfever Suffers. I dont know how they no at that time/ day it will be like that. It did say if the end of the month was wet, it would be put back. How do they know that.

I live in the south east & my car has been coverd in that yellow stuff.

Im quite bad at the moment with H.F. & asthma, now even tho its raining. People often think rain helps but really it doesnt, well not for me anyway does any1 else find this?



hello Deek,

Good point regarding the VOCs - I was unable to take up a PhD a few years ago as it involved working with pines and VOCs!

Many plants give off all sorts of chemicals to either atract pollinators or to repell insects or other animals from munching them!

The brassica family (Includes OS Rape) is known for its VOCs - eg that smelly cabbagy smell!




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