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Hospital asthma nurse v gp asthma nurse

I am having a few problems with my gps as they would not give me my next prescription without seeing the asthma nurse for an asthma check even though I am a frequent visitor to the gp! Who know me well and my asthma well. I also have a hospital based asthma nurse whom I can see or speak to without any trouble and am in contact with them frequently. I tried to explain this to the receptionist but I am unable to get my script done, so I have to go for an asthma check at the surgery on Monday. I was really just interested if anyone else had this problem and if a gp can demand I have a check with the asthma nurse before allowing me a rpt prescription.. thank you for your time JB.

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when you go ask if you can be tagged as not needing to see the asthma nurse at your local surgery that is what happens with me.



I used 2 get that all the time.

Then I registered 4 Lloyds Pharmacy repeat prescription service - I call them when I'm running low and they deal with the hassle of getting my script from the surgery.

If u can't make it 2 the pharmacy they also have a to ur door delivery service - always handy 2 know.

I haven't had a problem getting my repeats since.

lol, reading that back I sound like a right sales person!

I don't work 4 them, I work at Specsavers lol!

Hope u get it sorted soon :-)

Shadowcat xxx


I've been refused repeats until see asthma nurse or dr, had my meds changed without seeing anyone and just been sent a letter, had items removed from my repeat because it wasn't on the last A+E discharge letter (oversight sorry forgot to mention saline nebs and lansoprazole while blue in resus....) and been summoned for spirometry at a COPD clinic which i don't have by my GP surgery. I usually ring my consultant if have a problem and so rarely go to the GP with asthma!

The GP asthma nurse told me it's all to do with their clinical auditing and standard flagging of patients on their computer system and i've now been exempted from this makes life much easier. But it is nice to know they are keeping an eye on you though!


I have a similar problem.....

I have just been told that if I don't see my Asthma Nurse, then my meication will be stopped.

I am self employed and if I have to go to the doctors, then i will lose out on earning money. They have stopped working on Saturday's as it was not suitable for them.

If they stop medication, they are effectively putting lives at risk.

Is there anything I can do as they will not exempt me.


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