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Not feeling well... something funny going on in Devon maybe???

Hello all.

Hope you're all well.

My asthma has been pretty good for a while now but yesterday for no apparent reason I started to feel a bit poorly. My chest was sticky and I was coughing but my ventolin sorted it out so I thought no more of it.

I didn't sleep well and propped myself up on pillows which helped a bit but I've been pretty lousy today though but can't put my finger on why. My back and chest are tight and although it isn't to any great extreme I'm not happy and am becoming a bit jittery. My ventolin isn't helping much and my shoulder pain is kicking in which it tends to do when I get poorly with my chest.

I'm wondering if anyone else is suddenly feeling it - especially if they are in Devon. Reason being I'm wondering if there's something going on with the pollen or air or weather or anything really that may help me find what's triggering it. I know my asthma well after all this time but when i feel ill I usually know why - cold, chest infection, perfume, cigarette smoke etc, you know the sort of thing - but for once I'm at a loss.


Much love to everyone as always, Fluffy. xxx

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Its the weather I think. I am suffering at the moment.



hi fluffy, bex

I think it is to do with the weather i have been suffering as well back on the old pred and nebs at moment have got to get right as going camping for a week at the weekend


Hello, I'm in Devon!

And feeling pretty terrible, with a chest infection :(

Emz x


Fluffy, sorry for the short answer just now I was on the phone but wanted to reassure that it is something in the air - the weather. These sudden heavy thundery showers and high humidity are a real problem and as others have said it is causing some suffering.

Sit tight and don't over-do it.




It's been quite humid these last few days.

My chest has suddenly decided it doesn't like it, last nite & today.

Hope u feel better soon!

Shadz xxx


Could be all the harvesting too!

That is what knackered my lungs yesterday! Well I was walking around farms all day.


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