Yes, it's back!

God bless the misery of the winter and all it's germs. Some of you may remember my nose has a fancy for disappearing now and then and although I had hoped I had finally tamed it's runaway tendencies it has deserted me once more. It's timing could not be worse what with lots of Christmas goodies in the house (damn you Pred munchies) and no nose with which to sniff lovely tasty smells wafting in from the kitchen.

So, should anyone see my nose wandering the streets as it so likes to do on a winters morn, please ask it to pop back home as it is missed. To anyone else who has a nose missing, call the police as I have done and may I say how helpful they were once they had stopped laughing.

Big hugs to all. Fluffy. x x x

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  • ooohhhhh no fluffy - i will keep my eyes peeled for your nose. I am just hoping that mine doesn't join yours on its christmas jaunt as it did last year!!!!

    Merry Christmas

    love Rusty

  • Hey Fluffy, good to see you back.

    I think I saw your nose pegging it down past the ""How to Use Your Inhaler Page"" earlier. If you hop over there you might catch up with it :D

  • Hi fluffy

    I have spoken to Mr Nosey and he has not seen it but will will keep and eye out on his travels.


  • hi fluffy

    am keeping a look out for your nose to see if it comes to seaside for hols - no luck yet though sorry!

  • Ooooo Nooooo!!!

    not again!

    Perhaps we should install GPS trackers to our snitches!



  • Still no sign and it's so cold outside. I hate to think of my nose sleeping rough under a bridge somewhere. I'm scarred for life!

    Keep looking for those noses people! Perhaps I should set up a support group? Any thoughts?

    Stay well everyone. Much love, Fluffy. x x x

  • Sorry fog too thick to see anything much, never mind noses, yesterday. Not gone very far today so not seen it then either.

  • May be it will finally pop out a cracker on xmas day

  • May be it will finally pop out a cracker on xmas day

  • may be it has run off with my voice......

    am currently squeakin not speaking.. coice has run off for the holiday.....!

    hoping its due to new meds (symbicort ) rather than another bug....

    am going off to try to fix with a dose of alcohol....

    cheers and happy boding day to anybody reading posts!


  • oooops

    soorry for my bad spellig/typing...

    that was happy boxing day... and its my voice that ran off""!


  • any luck yet with nose fluffy or kat with voice?

  • Voice hide and seek..........

    Hi katharine

    I've been away for a few days and my voice definitely didn't go with me for the New Year festivities, but it does seem to be playing tricks on me now I'm home....

    Its sort of back until I want to use it, then it either hides or disguises itself as a cough!



  • Hi all.

    It STILL hasn't come back and I am in the depths of misery. I have NEVER had such a nasty cold virus in my life! It's in it's 3rd week now and showing no signs of getting on it's bike and bugging someone else. It's sent from Satana so all you other nose-less folk - WATCH OUT!!! I just want my nose back!!!!

    Much love, Fluffy. x x x

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