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Lactose Intolerance?

Hi everyone.

Can anyone here help me with this? I've been doing some research into LI as I'm sure my asthma symptoms are triggered alot of the time by something I'm eating or drinking. I've noticed recently that I cough and wheeze (I hardly ever used to wheeze but I have been lately) alot after I've had chocolate or breakfast cereals (with milk obviously). Within an hour or so of eating anything like this I get stomach cramps and the runs (sorry!) and feel generally lethargic and I'm really staring to wonder if a) I have a lactose intolerance, and b) if this could be making my asthma worse.

I'd be really grateful if anyone could shed some light on this as I'm strugling to find any connection between LI and asthma anywhere on the web. Does anyone have a similar problem?

Stay well everyone.

Love, Fluffy. x

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hi fluffy,

it sounds like you might be allergic to lactose. the only link i know with asthma is that dairy makes you produce more mucus than usual (not useful to the likes of us!) so if you tend to have a blocked nose, that could be part of it.

I started using goats milk and butter, and i find that that helps me. goat's milk is much easier for us to digest than cows milk, as our digestive system is much more like a goats (or a sheeps) than a cow's!!! It tastes very much like cows milk (just make sure you keep it cold) so its not like having soya or anything drastic.

you could try using it on your cereal and see if it makes you feel any better...

good luck,



Hello Fluffy,

I am lactose intollerant.

Discuss it with your doctor if you can.

In the mean time try cutting out all dairy products and replace milk with soya milk - there are some nice ones out now - sweetened and usually in the chillers in the shops.

Goats or sheeps milk etc can help but they still do contain lactose. The difference with sheeps & goats is the different proteins etc.

Yogurt does have less lactose in so you may be able to tollerate that.

I can take bits of milk etc but too much and I get tummy ache & the squits etc.

Also, I think it is something else in milk that causes excess mucus production etc.

It is the proteins in milk that cause allergies whereas Lactose ( a form of sugar) causes intollerance due to the lack of the special digestive enzyme to digest it - hence lactose in used in Lactulose! ( so, if bunged up, avoid lactulose! Senakot is better!)

Hope this helps!




I have mild LI.

Well I say it's mild - just cos I like my dairy! So I do cheat often but I won't have lots at once or I do go SPLAT!

I get swollen throat, sore chest, mucusy cough and upset stomach.

I had to explain 2 the doc once that my swollen throat was self-inflicted,

wen my appt was regarding my ear pain!

I cut out all dairy for a few months and a lot of people commented

on how well I looked!

Have u tried rice milk? Doesn't taste as bad a soya but is quite thick!

Shadowcat xxx



I am allergic to many things including wheat and soya and can't eat dairy.

A few months ago i was taken in for tests and i mentioned i thought i had an allergy to fdairy, so my specialist found i was not allergic to dairy but wheat and soya. Soya is in practically everything which is why i thought it was wheat.

Do you have a specialist becuse hee can run prick test rasts on you and this should confirm if it is dairy or indeed another intolerance.

About the goats cheese some people who are lactose intolerant cannot have goats produce but some can so may be best to avoid at first, different docs have different opinions.

May x


Hi Fluffy,

Have u managed to have any tests done yet? I have found out recently I have a wheat allergy which was diagnosed by blood RAST (allergy) tests. They checked dairy, wheat, nuts etc. It is really worth finding out as I have noticed some improvement since cutting out the wheat.

Good luck, let us know how u get on.

Em xx


hi, i've just posted a long message about milk and, instead of typing it again, i'll just paste it below. hope it helps.

i don't want to speak to soon but so far this year i haven't had my usual seasonal asthma. every summer for the last few years, i've been getting pretty bad asthma (which then ends in about sept). but it hasn't started yet this year and i get the feeling it's not going to.

what's changed? well, i've stopped drinking milk (i drink soya milk instead). could my asthma be linked to milk? i don't know for sure but the signs are looking good. i would ancourage anyone to try it. after all, the only downside is having to drink soya milk which isn't that bad.

as far as the upside goes, well i'm sure i don't need to tell you.


Can I just say on the topic of RAST blood tests as with any test they are NOT always accurate !!

My consultant says I am NOT the only person who can have negative RAST tests yet react anaphylactically to several of the negative results I received !!

It isn't common BUT it can happen that RAST tests are seen as a FALSE negative !!

On the Lactose Intolerance I'm researching it at present for a friend in Scotland who's 3 1/2 yr old son has just been diagnosed with asthma and LI last week !!

Shes going outta her mind with worry as she has to wait 2 weeks for him to see a specialist paedeatrician for the info !!

So if I find ought usefull I will let ya know !!


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