Feeling awful! Attack iminent?

Hi all.

The heat is killing me but here in Plymouth all of a sudden I'm starting to feel quite ill. My chest feels a little bit tight and I'm coughing like a lunatic. the weather is turning now and it's clouding up so i wonder if a storm is coming today. I really feel awful and wonder if I should send for the men in green!

Hope everyone is ok.

Much love, Fluffy. x x x

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  • Big hugs


    Call those men in green if in doubt! Howz ure peak flow (if u norm go on that)? Me thinks by the sound of ure message that u should be taking a direct route 2 costa (do not pass go or collect 200 quid)...no seriously take care.

    Em xx

  • Fluffy it is the weather and I know how you are feeling. we are expecting thunder soon on the South Coast. if your usual rescue things (nebs inhalers etc) are not working get yourself to derriford hunny I have a feeling it is going to be a long night..


  • Hi Fluffy

    Feeling the same, something is brewing....been nebbing all day...took 40mg pred but nothing happening....

    Maybe later i'll be having a trip with the green men..

    Hope not..

    Take care

    Truly x

  • Hi everyne.

    Thanks for your replies. Just after my first message I had a huge attack - flippin' weather! - and was dragged off to the hospital by the boys in green. Sooooooooooooo not funny but home now and feeling better. Chest still raw and nebbing twice daily as always but on the mend I think. My oxygen levels dropped so low I had a fit, something which has never happened to me before and it was scary although if I'm honest I don't remember much about it now.

    Stay well everyone!

    Much love and big hugs, Fluffy. x x x

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