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I am NOT a smoker!!! Why will no one listen to me???

Just thought I'd have a minor rant about being peeved that I am recieving more and more accusatory glances in A&E every time I go there when I am asked if I smoke and say No. I feel like a schoolgirl being asked if I was snoggin behind the bike sheds - and I NEVER snogged behind the bike sheds, much.

Why don't they believe I don't smoke? If I could breathe properly I'd say something cutting like: ""Oh thanks. Not only am I a fetching shade of blue but are you also saying I smell like an ashtray and have the complexion of a 90 year-old?""

Apologies to the smokers (sort of - don't get me started again) but it really makes me mad!

I DON'T FLIPPIN SMOKE!!!!! Arrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Ok, I'm feeling calmer now. But does anyone else have this problem? I'm starting to get paranoid that my perfume isn't all lovely and flowery but is in fact Eau-De-Ciggy.

Much love to all. Fluffy. x x x

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Join the club-for about the first 18 months after my first bad ""do"" ,I must have been told by about 20 GPs ,consultants etc that it was time to give up smoking!!-sarcastic remarks about reading casenotes had no effect-dont worry tho,it evenually gets through to them.



When I was a medical student I remember being told by one consultant to always double anyone's claimed consumption of cigarettes or alcohol. I must be too trusting because I've never done that, although I guess you do get a feel for who is telling the truth and who isn't... there's always at least one patient who comes in reeking of fags and/or booze and denies either (maybe they just all work in pubs?)

I've never felt disbelieved about being a non-smoker, but I sometimes feel like the admitting doctors don't quite believe my alcohol intake... some people seem to think that all doctors are raging alcoholics, whereas in fact I drink very little these days (too much seems to set off my chest!). I usually say quite honestly, 6 - 8 units a week, and I'm never quite sure if they are thinking 'yeah, and the rest!'

I never snogged much behind the bike sheds either, Fluffy.... rock and roll my lifestyle ain't! Is it too late to make up for lost time, do you think... and can anyone suggest anything rebellious I can do that won't upset my chest too much?!

Never a wild child,

Em H


I don't have this about smoking but because i've had pancreatitis of which the most common cause is apparently alcohol or gall stones which i didn't have and i don't drink have become very defensive about the how much do you drink question!

I'm just paranoid i know but noone seems to believe i don't drink at all and i know it's just a clerking question but it is annoying to repeatedly be asked how much you drink by different people checking your previous history of pancreatitis when you clearly can't breathe and are in with ASTHMA.

I sometimes wish i did smoke then i could give up!


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