Altho i've had hayfever for years, the 1st i know about it is when i start sneezing! When i start changes every year as well, just to add to the fun. But recently i've noticed the end of my nose has been quite itchy, now i've got a sore throat and asthma been a bit wobbly past couple of days. Could this be early sighs of hayfever?


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  • Hi Moose1

    I would say so. i suffer from hayfever too for the last 20 - 25 years but I'm growing out of it (Yay!).

    I assume you take medication for your hayfever? I would try taking it now and see what happens to aleviate the symptoms.


    I would definately say yes to the hayfever season kicking off, started to suffer about 3 weeks ago with itchy eyes/ nose(cant count runny nose as due to sinus infec!) started using eye drops anddefinate improvement , already take antihistamines. I suggest you get started on meds or if you dont have them see your GP as soon as possible Take care.

  • Looks like dreaded hayfever is here v.early!! My son usually kicks off early may and he been bad the last 48 hrs.

    Hope you can get some meds to releive symptoms moose


  • It has started early but then look at the weather. It feels like we are about a month ahead to normal and nature is saying it is already spring as my chest cons put it the other week. Lets hope that it may mean it will finush earlier.

  • I too have been on the antihistamines for the last two or three weeks its certainly seems to be earlier this year. What amazes me is that it always hit me as a surprise when it starts though.

  • Me too, i dont get it every year but have it already this year!!

  • Hi

    Yep im suffering aswell, itchy eyes throat & nose. This time of year it is tree pollens.

    Im being desensitized for the grass pollens this year so hopefully wont be so bad. I have heard that some doctors can give u grazex drops on persciption.

    I get very bad in the summer months so much that i dont often go out in the summer just stay behind curtains. but hopefully this year will be different.


  • R thanks lmc that explains why im starting now as im a tree pollen more than grasses!!

    thank you

  • Hi, thanks for all the replies, alas it wasn't hayfever but a nasty, horrible, irriating cold with a chest infection!! Now got antibiotics and steriods if needed :o(

    Not a happy moose now <sigh>


  • I don't think at least if i ever had this prolly just din't think much of it, but i have had similar situation myself for the past week. I had a cold last week which lasted about two days with sore throat and just feeling under the weather type, i didn't go in or anything. But this week my asthma has been bothering me since monday i had it all day, and then tuesday and lessen a bit on wed till today, i feel out of breath every little effort i made i felt tight and chest hurt a bit on monday night. So it deffintly must have been the air, etc

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