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Car accident and unhappy asthma


I had a car accident on monday afternoon, my 1st. I'm ok (car isn't) but on monday nite my asthma went weird, suddenly got a tight chest which i had to use reliever a few times to get rid of. The same has happened this evening (tuesday) it's happened again and even now as i write this my chest is feeling tight and i've a slight cough - typical asthma symptoms for me.

I am staying at my friends, so away from home. I'm guessing this is happening due to the shock i got from the accident. I normally take symbicort 200/6 at 2 puffs twice a day. Would it be worth putting it up to 3 or 4 puffs?

If i was at home, i'd see my gp plus i've never been in this situation before.

Any advice would be great



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Christine, sorry to hear about accident ... you do not say if you were seen at a hospital or by paramedics after accident!

but I would advice you ...if you cannot see your GP, either go back to hospital or ask if you can see your friends GP.

Your symptoms would be due to shock or bruising or something else... not worth taking any risks with your health after an accident ( I know..as my son was ran over by speeding car two years ago)

Take care of yourself and do seek medical advice if you can

Hugs from the Orkney Isles



Hi Moose Sorry to hear you are not feeling so good Perhaps it could be something you are allergic to at your friends house,maybe something to do with the central heating if its only happening in the evening. I hope you get better soon and you recover from the car acident as well!!!


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