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go up or go down?

Having just read through some of the message and seeing what some of you are going through at the moment, this question seems a little daft.

On my peak flow, i frequently get quite high so the marks are close together but I have yet another cold and sometimes, the little arrow rests between numbers and i dunno whether I should take the number about the arrow or below the arrow.

I know it's not exactly life threatening but it has made me thought.


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Id go up , or write it on the chart as a .5 like put the cross inbetween the sat 10 and 20

'x x

' x x x x x


' x


. . . . . . . . . . . .

Like that (each comma at the side being like 10, 20 , 30)

Edited: Oh it didnt quite work like it was supposed to, but yea, its late)

Hope that helps

Emma x


I dont think it matters too much as long as you keep it the same everytime u do it. If its between 350 and 400 for example though, id just record it as 375, it doesnt need to be 100% accurate, just so that you and 'they' can get a rough idea :o)




Hello Moose1, regarding your query... I would say that if you feel that either the lower or higher reading is representative of how you feel at the time... go with the one that ""Feels"" more accurate to you !

and regarding your question / concern being ""a little daft""...NO... anything that concerns you about your asthma or meds is valid !

Hope this has been of a little help.

Love and Hugs from the Orkney Isles



I usually round up each time to the nearest marker if it falls imbetween. My peak flow could do with all the help it can get so rounding up makes it seem that little bit higher than it would be otherwise. Don't think it affects your perception of deterioration if you are consistant and decide whether to round up or down each time the marker falls imbetween. If you round up and down at different times then it could make your results inaccurate.


Hi Christine

Just wanted to say that no question is ""daft"". We all have different degrees of asthma and nothing is too trivial. Everybody's questions are important no matter how many times they have been asked or however obvious the answer seems. If you are unsure about something it is good to ask and obtain the support. That's how we all help each other!

Take care



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