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Hayfever still?


Is anyone still suffering from hayfever? Up until the last week I've mainly been affected in my breathing, but suddenly i'm sneezing, particuarly first thing and last thing, tickly mouth, runny nose (follwed by stuffiness) and funny eyes. Breathing is still afffected but I can't work out what it could be?

Anyone else still having problems?


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Hi Moose1,

Yep you are not alone, im still suffering too. This time of year its weeds, I had my allergy test done & im allergic to grasses, trees & weeds. It affects my breathing eyes, nose, throat, not nice at all. I suffer when in rains too. Next year im hoping to try out the desensitiation.

Hope you feel better soon.



Tell me about it, Moose 1 !

Hay fever still going strong down here too.

And I am a keen gardener! Just going out there now to do some more work.

Never mind. We're not alone.

Take care



I hate to tell you but the hayfever season runs from February to October. Good luck.


Like becky said moose hey fever last virtually all year round it just depends what pollens or spores your allergic too to the length you will suffer so im afraid its kleenex a bit longer!!

Love Andrea xx


hmmm at least i'm not alone, altho am sorry for those that are suffering also!

Had awful night last night, could not stop sneezing!

Have an awful feeling that this won't stop come october (like normal for me) as i've had problems with breathing since January and altho at the time i didn't know why, i think it was whatever is in pollenation (?) at that time of the year. When I saw dr last she asked if i knew what I was reacting to, which i don't but she had that look on her face that said to me 'allergy test' hehe (would be quite handy cus it's hard to avoid something when you don't know what it is)

What's desenseation involve?


p.s. sorry for bad spellings!


I get hayfever all year round (technically 'perennial allergic rhinitis' rather than hayfever!) because I am allergic to all sorts of grass, tree and flower pollens as well as dust and other common household allergens. I'm quite severely allergic to pine so ironically December is one of my worst times! I can control the symptoms reasonably well though with a combination of high dose antihistamines, steroid nasal spray, cromoglycate eye drops and montelukast. Speak to your GP if your symptoms aren't under control and you're not on the full whack of all of these. Old fashioned sedating antihistamines such as chlorpheniramine (Piriton) are especially good if you're being kept awake at night by symptoms.

Desensitisation is a technique that's useful if you are severely allergic to one or two allergens only; it's not very useful if you have multiple allergens. It's often only funded on the NHS for severe or life-threatening allergy, although some doctors are reluctant to use it on people who have anaphylaxis as it's more risky.

It involves repeated injections with a tiny amount of the offending substance over a period of months; over time, this reduces the severity of the allergic response. It's thought to work by stimulating production of the blocking antibody IgG, which over time overwhelms the effects of the IgE which is responsible for the reaction. Anecdotally, I've heard some people say it works extremely well, and others found it less effective. There is a risk of having a severe reaction to the injection, including anaphylaxis. I've never considered it because I have multiple allergies and they will usually basically only do it for one or two things.

I find my body seems to do its own desensitisation to some things - I'm quite allergic to cats (sadly - I love them) and when I go over to my mum's (she has six - we call her the mad cat lady) I suffer quite badly. My husband is also allergic, although less so, and finds the same - he always steals my antihistamines before we go over! A couple of years ago, though, we lived with my mum for 10 months (not the ideal way to start your married life together, but cheap!) and we both suffered horredously for the first couple of weeks but were alright after that. I stayed on the antihistamines cos of my other allergies but hubby was able to stop taking them and had no symptoms. Same principle I guess - repeated exposure damped down the response. Shame it doesn't work for all my other allergies! Probably if we actually got a cat the same thing would happen again, but I've reluctantly dismissed the idea because our kids will probably inherit our allergies, and I don't want to be in the postion in a few years time of having to choose between the cat and the child! (cats are so much quieter too... difficult decision!)

Anyway that's my rather long-winded contribution on the subject of allergies! Perhaps if anyone has actually had desensitisation they would like to comment?

Take care anyway, and hope you have a sneeze-free night!

Em H


hi emily, thanks for the info, very helpful :o)

I'm only on symbicort 400/12 at 2 puffs twice a day and desloratine 10mg (should take 1 a day but it have been known to take a 2nd later, say in the evening when it's bad). Although it feels bad to me, i don't think i'm actually bad enough for other stuff. The lowest my peak flow has gone is about 480 when i was ill but with just hayfever no lower than 500 - 510 (that's on old scale), not had any attacks (altho i don't seem to be the kind to have attacks, just symptoms). I think and hope the other night was just a one off altho 2nite my throat and ears are very itchy and i can't use nasel sprays :o(

Guess I will just have to see how things go!



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