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Anyone else struggling?


Just wondering if anyone has suddenly starting having trouble breathing in the last few day / week?

I dropped my symbicort 400/12 down from 2 puffs to 1 puff twice a day last sunday cus things were improving (agreed with dr 1st) and took my reliever a couple of times on the monday and it just went down hill from there to the point that i didn't sleep (except for a couple of hours) thursday night cus i couldn't breathe. I've put my symibcort back up again but still struggling. A friend suggested it could be hayfever cus their symtoms came back during the week. Don't think there is much point in seeing doctor but wondering if it's just me?


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I have been finding the last 2 weeks hard. I am really up and down. I was ment to go see my nurse last week but things picked up but they are back down again today!

Oh it is such fun isnt it (sarcasticly);-)


I was woundering if it was a blip with having a splat on weds while on hol in Bornemouth or just lungs getting ready for moldy leaves. The weather has started playing me up at night. Monday as in 2morrow I'm mean to be dropping down to 1 amnio tab a day but not sure if i fell stable enough to risk another splat as from wed iwill be in work til sun and the last 3 days kill anyway 7 hrs each fri finish at 9.30pm then sat and sun 8am starts I really need the money so would rather no splats. Upped becotide 2 puff 4xaday atro neb back to 4x aday me thinks i might be handing towards see Doc owell someones got to keep them in work hehe

Love smiler


hi seana, i know what u mean, i've had that in the past, think to myself 'i'll go to dr's' but then it gets better, so i don't go and then it goes down hill again!

I think this whole breathing thing is over rated anyway lol

I've decided that if things are no better or get worse tomorrow, gonna try to get in with dr this week, not sure if they can do anything but at least they will know!

But i do wonder if the weather has a major part to play if you guys have been struggling too.

If you don't feel stable enough, i wouldn't drop your meds down, better to be safe than sorry huh?

take care, both of u



been really uncomfortable with wheeze and tight chest for the last two days..reliever helps for a short time then wheeze starts again


really struggeling breathing in the last few days finding it feels dry and i really need to gasp for air normally first thing in the morning my mum seems to feel that its because the weather is humid could this be the reason !


Yep, I was doing really well till I went out dancing on Saturday evening in a smokey pub and now my lungs are starting to misbehave again.


definately, but i put it down to the cold/ flu thing ive caught and has made me absolutely dead on my feet, no hayfever, but very out of breath very easy


I have also been really struggling but i think it down to this cold flu thing that I have had and very kindly got off my sister. Nice sister hey. I was struggling so much so that I eneded up in costa in iv hydrocotisone iv magnesium and iv anitbiotics but then stop iv antibs as the then decided it was viral and not bacterial.

Well hope else is coping with strugling heidi


Hi ya,

My pf is back up to mormal the last 2 days. But I am also ill with the cold thing that is doing the rounds. I had it since sunday and feel like rubbish but hay my pf is better as are those symptoms!

Christine I heared that coughing and wheezing is the new breathing!


with my previous prescriptions i was making my way silently without any problems. but i dnt know how i started wheezing heavily and had sme serious breathing troubles. it got worse till my parents had to take me to my doc one night. lucky for me he was still around. he changed my medic to and told me to take it easy-he wouldnt know how bad it feels when im wheezing!

well, i hate my condition and wish it had never happened to me!

at least one thing remains is that the ventolin is helping me out!


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